Friday, August 25, 2017

So Did Putin Kill Journalists?

The editor of the Spookyweather news blog gives us an answer:

I think maybe the FSB did .. but there was no clear evidence proving this. I think that guy killed in front of the Kremlin ‘recently’ was done by the West to make Putin look bad. No FSB operation would do that. Plus the journo killed was an irrelevant small fish. He was not a top line reporter, and no one really cared what he wrote anyway (apparently).

There are still oligarchs running Russia. I think Putin has made sure the ones he has are nationalists, - just like what Trump was aiming for with the US.

Paul Craig Roberts pointed out that Putin still had too many hostile ‘advisors’, bankers, who were ‘Atlanticists’, essentially Globalist bankers, and that he needed to dump them. Medvedev is one of this group. So with Oligarchs running things partly behind the scenes, and where the Russia mafia still operates, anyone could bump off critics of Putin.

This does not mean that Putin didn’t do anything.

And Putin has had to stop CIA sponsored NGOs too, and intelligence plants/assets.  

I think the Russian government has tried to avoid outright assassination these days, because it’s too easy to have the blame put on them. As soon as anyone dies ‘Putin did it’ ... but being a relatively harsh place, it’s entirely likely that assassination does happen. We know people are killed. The question is who is doing the killing? I think it’s a mix of groups that occasionally knock people off. Not as frequently as the Clintons. The problem with Russia, from a security point of view, is that they do have outside groups trying to stir up political trouble. The Russian Gov doesn’t accept this and probably considers this as enemies inside the gates, so killing is seen as fair game. The ‘problem’ is knocking off domestic/independent critics. Perhaps they see the threat from these people, while they are at war with neocon forces, as the same thing ....

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