Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Skull and Bones Member Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

Does the fact that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was a member of Skull and Bones make him a bad man? Maybe, but not necessarily. Does the fact that he was the executive producer of one of favorite films Suicide Squad make him an awesome man? Maybe, but not necessarily.

Skull and Bones has changed for the better in at least some ways in recent years as evinced by the fact that whereas "The Bonesman of Yale" used to share "not just the symbolism of the Skull and Bones with the SS Nazi elite, but practiced many of the same exact initiation rituals," they now, as reported in The Atlantic, are "Not Just for White Dudes Anymore." The Article notes:
Whatever else is secret about Yale's famed -- or notorious -- society, the reach of its network is not. Presidents William Howard Taft, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush were all members. So were Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, Time magazine founder Henry Luce, and an assortment of CIA officials, Fortune 500 CEOs, and politicians who, like [John] Kerry, have had the president's proverbial ear. For generations, the organization's alumni corps has granted a coterie of white, privileged, predominately heterosexual men easier entry into the upper echelons of American society.

But that was then. More recently, the organization has become the antithesis of what it was when Kerry joined in 1966: Racist, sexist and elitist practices have been jettisoned in a rush towards more egalitarian standards. Yale's famous old boys' club has become a mélange of minorities, genders, and sexual identities that's less dynastic and more dynamic than ever.
Hopefully the globalist "ends justify the means" philosophy that started the organization is falling by the wayside too, but if not hopefully Mnuchin was just using the group for his own advancement, as many claim is the main goal of the group. Either that, or another hope if the organization has not fundamentally changed, is that Mnuchin is rebelling against their ways. He was an early Trump supporter and 15 year long friend according to him.

If we are to judge him by his fruits so far, the tax cuts are looking good. He did face criticism for aggressive foreclosures in his banking career, but he isn't an individual riddled with scandals. His movie producing career put out many good apples too.