Saturday, February 25, 2017


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                       

     Maybe like some of you, I have gotten to know myself better over the past several months. I have always considered myself anything but conservative. “Beyond liberal,” I have said when describing my basic orientation:  meaning liberal, only more so compared to the range of holes provided on a standard belt. Sort of a lone sentinel, out there when it came to equality, fairness, generosity, universal enablement, foolhardiness or moxie.
     But then, people (the media, mostly) started referring to arch-globalist and militarist, mealy-mouthed, wicked old grandmotherly chiseler Hillary Clinton and her wacko, selectively-hateful, spoiled followers as “liberals”, and my idealist vocabulary started to curdle, fast. Because, all these schmucks the media calls “liberals” and even “leftists” are about as liberal as a toad. Liberalism is not boneheaded borderless-ness. Nor is it defamation and shrieking “treason” through your tears and trashing the Constitution’s election ground rules agreed on by all at the start because you didn’t win the race.
     Being, I feel, a true progressive, I cannot support all of President Trump’s by now apparent policies, on conservation and the environment, for example. But, he won my cautious allegiance all the same, when he came out squarely against globalist trade policy and dictation, spineless outsourcing of everything tangible, regime-change wars (though he’s still way more warlike than I would like), following through on what you say you’re going to do, fixing our broken infrastructure with our labor, and, I believe, exposing and going after pedophiles and the silent thieves in suits infesting our fetid swamps. In sum, I hate the transparent lies, ruthlessness, and arrogance of the controlled media and the manipulators just as much as Trump does.
     In fact, I’ve come to the shocking realization that Trump’s particular set of conservative values are my conservative values, just as much as FDR’s liberal values are also mine.
     I am absolutely paranoid for him: the whole filthy establishment is out to erase him and his born-again virtue and by now quite obvious resolve and ability to right the wrongs that are oppressing and enslaving us so that powerful criminals may prosper off of us (whatever he may have been in his still-murky past life) from the earth. And, you know, maybe it would take someone like him, brash, independent, outspoken and plainspoken, and none too cautious, to do what we’ve elected him to do. Can he do no wrong? Hardly.
     But, here’s hoping he will be of a mind to finally strip bare and prosecute the reality of 9/11, let the chips fall and stack up and not be scurried off like the myriad still-half-molten steel beams fallen amongst the still-all-but-breathing dust. We have clues of that, according to some. But, only clues.
     So, no wonder there have been no more flagrant “false flags” in this country in the months since his election. Full stop. Period. Did anyone notice?

JH: 2/24/17