Thursday, December 8, 2016

YouTube: Let the FBI See This Video Before You Remove it!

Hey FBI...Let this video give you some ideas on how to do the Job Fakestream Media should be doing!!!! It may save a LOT of lives!!!

David Wheeler2 hours ago
Nobody is talking about John Podesta anymore, everyone is focusing on Alefantis, why? Yes his instragram is creepy but thats not enough proof or evidence. We need to focus on the emails, which started all of this. We can't let Podesta off the hook! Demand answers from Podesta!!! James is the fall guy while the Podestas get off free? All these fuckers need to answer, not just James. If we had focused on Podesta, he would have been the one addressing the media, he would have had to face us, not James. James is low hanging fruit, we need to redirect our focus on podesta, only he can tell us what his pizza-code-speak meant, which is the root of all of this.