Friday, September 9, 2016


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                      
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     Where to start? Jeeesh! I perceive that what is now posed as patriotism and fitness in our “world’s greatest democracy”, “the greatest country on earth or anywhere else”, has now entered an alarming, frightening, and, when you think about it, highly insulting new phase. The insiders, the “leaders”, what would be called in Brazil “o estabelecimento” (the establishment) are losing their grip going forward and are fast approaching the wounded lion stage, in which they will go totally berserk (more than now) and begin to lash out in every conceivable direction in a frantic and lethal attempt to recover their accustomed place.
     Not only are people – true and mounting majorities by now – not believing them about JFK and 9/11. But even the authorship of the recent dribble of orchestrated so-called “terrorist events” in the U.S. and overseas, meant to scurry the public again back under the protection of the neocon establishment’s ample all-embracing skirts, consenting most reluctantly and tearfully yet again as always to mindlessly support more follow-on Middle Eastern aggressive wars and suffer “national security” sacrifices of their remaining, dwindling freedoms, is widely questioned. And even the rash of these shocks is suddenly halted probably so as not to favor Trump’s perceived argument.
     And now, once again – and this time the whole, broad electorate – seems suddenly precariously near the brink of jettisoning the establishment’s deceitfully rammed-forward lone remaining war-hawk candidate, the clearly money-laundering, ever-lying anointed president-in-waiting (just as happened in the long run of Republican primaries) in favor of the preposterously-unthinkable, incredible (in both senses) now non-Hillary candidate. And this widespread unthinkable rejectionist behavior is on the verge of re-occurring more broadly this time just because the electorate is in a mood determined to not give in to the god-awful establishment any more of anything it might desire. A good slogan? Support the lesser weevil.
     The establishment, and it alone, it seems, was flabbergasted by a lavishly paid-off football player’s principled repeated refusal to stand for the National Anthem. (What? Unthinkable! Principle over knee-jerk token patriotism? Ahem – unthinkable!) And the establishment’s officials go right down the line on that stance. (Of course, the president is more lenient, but then, he’s black, too – as well as almost done, anyway).
     Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, previously coddled in the establishment media as kind of a pet, turns out to be unexpectedly (and dangerously) drawing more in polls away from establishment darling Clinton, badly tarnished, but only in the broader public’s eyes, than from the anathema Trump. “So, knock him out of there!” becomes their cry. “Ask him what he thinks about ‘a leppo!’”
     Gary: “A leppo? Say what?”
     OK, how many of you know what they meant by “a leppo”? I didn’t, for sure. 99+% of Americans, for a certainty, wouldn’t have. I did know that Aleppo was a city in Syria. I didn’t equate it with ISIS’s Syrian headquarters. Neither did Gary Johnson. Never thought of it. And neither did you, I’m all but certain; nor did 99+% of our fellow Americans.
     And that isn’t even what they meant in their too-cleverly orchestrated elimination round played out on Morning Joe, where they even went so far as to suggest that this clueless, now “hopeless” Libertarian candidate be tagged hence with the inane, disqualifying moniker, “Aleppo Gary”, because he wasn’t able to guess that what they meant was, “What do you think of the vast flood of refugees pouring out of Syria?” (Well, I ask you, what do you think of the vast, tragic flood of refugees pouring out of Syria, almost wholly due to the truly boneheaded, stubborn insistence by the U.S. neocon establishment – yet again (they are incapable of learning) – that one single, solitary man be rooted out of his job even while supported by the majority -  so that his country can be fragmented to suit the insane Israelis, who are incapable of ever thinking about anyone but the Israelis and their sad, clueless puppet, America? “Aleppo Gary,” indeed!
     And Trump – he gave some different (and bold) answers in last night’s nationally-televised “Commander-in-Chief Forum”. He exposed himself in public, for instance, by not worshipping or groveling at the feet of the generals (who have, along with their civilian commanders-in-chief and secretaries of state, etc.), made an absolute bloody hash of everything having to do with the Middle East and most other places for 14 years and running. And also by not railing against “despotic mad-man” Vladimir Putin, who everyone is expected to revile and thoroughly bad-mouth because it’s hard-baked into the script, particularly for posting Russian troops (get this) inside, but near his jumbo country’s borders. (Our military or commanders would never do such a thing, right?)
     It all goes to make him (Trump) far more dangerous than a certain transparent unindicted, but otherwise just peachy fine, criminal, and that’s for sure! And so, that puts him out of the running, they all tell us in their shrillest unison today. And why don’t all the Republicans – and not just the self-exposed puppets among them – just go right along in newly-fashionable goose-step and support her, too? they brazenly ask the party that rejected them (the establishment and its then-darling) once.
     Meanwhile, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts tells us this very day that Americans (the run of the mill – see the above-posted article) are by and large roundly chucking the establishment, telling them to stick it in the door, and actually thinking and judging and choosing for themselves! It’s about time! It seems there is a new awareness, in fact, that our Sinai is only giving us all pain in the sinus.
     But, look out! You can bet that, somehow or other, the establishment will have not our backs, but our heads, and soon! Especially if this circus gets out of hand! Brace yourself, because they’re even more scared to death than you, and vengeance from on high is surely coming this way – as sure as winter, rain or shine. And some sort of nuclear is probably next.
JH: 9/8/16