Sunday, April 3, 2016

Easy-to-Understand Smoking Gun Evidence that Proves 911 was an Inside Job: A Facebook Post (Copy and Paste)

Some contraversial issues are easier to understand than one might assume - provided we can think logically and base our views, firstly, on established evidence rather than on preconceived assumptions. 

Some things are actually very simple to understand, if one is prepared to look and think for a few minutes.

When it comes to determining whether or not the official account of the September 11 attacks is believable, the event that launched the War on Terror, curious minds will find that there are numerous points of physical evidence that conclusively show the official story is false.

It is an established FACT that large amounts of melted steel and concrete ( were found in the rubble pile which could NOT have been created due to fires fuelled by the building contents or from aviation kerosene coming from the impacting aircraft. Experiments have shown that the melting of steel within the official context is IMPOSSIBLE:

This observed phenomena of extremely high temperatures - actual forensic proof - contradicts the official explanations of what happened, as do many other features recorded and analysed.

This is not a trivial discrepancy either, but a fundamental point of fact. 

Follow up analysis of the melted steel, of samples found in the concrete dust and a solid chunk of building steel, showed the signature of the incendiary THERMITE, a material which, in the past, has been used to demolish steel structures:

This evidentiary proof is simple and straightforward and in contradiction to the official story. 

This does not mean that all three demolished buildings (the Towers and WTC7) were brought down solely using thermite - in fact there is clear evidence of extensive HIGH EXPLOSIVE (not incendiary) IMPACTS upon the steel structures of the buildings It is likely the thermite was only used as part of a contingency strategy, or to simulate 'fire damage'.

Regardless of the exact method, we do know for a FACT that melted steel, and the signature of thermite, was a widespread feature of the debris pile. This physical evidence proves that there was a wider conspiracy in bringing down the buildings. More occurred than aircraft simply striking the buildings and setting them on fire. 

The revelation that the attacks of 9/11 involved inside help should be a key step in ending the war on terror - so long as justice is sought against all those involved in carrying out this heinous false flag terrorist event. 

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