Sunday, February 21, 2016


by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization

     Nothing seems to change. The people clamor for big change –new pleasing atmospherics at a minimum, new substance, reform, hope for prosperity and safety – and yet, the real levers of power remain invisible and are kept far too high for the people to ever reach.
     After 9/11, the narrative put out didn’t make any sense to anyone who thought about it, didn’t add up, didn’t compute, and the evidence available all in fact pointed back at the personages and institutions making the initial allegations and claims themselves. Anyone who questioned the holy writ was called out as delusional and, at minimum, disrespectful.
     Same thing time after time after time, regarding by now dozens of major and minor shock events since. (In fact, an extreme, though perhaps not implausible emerging view speculates that we are watching and all caught up in a totally-produced live global play, day by day by day by day.) But if you question anything, you’re a “conspiracy theorist” and your questioning of any of the evidence doesn’t deserve a substantive response – and doesn’t get one. And no one who doesn’t want to be considered daft or fanatical will hear a word you say about it.
     Time after time after time, it’s the same response – i.e. no response from the powers-that-be or, generally, anyone else. Indeed, the public refuses to question anything. But don’t tell me they don’t ever suspect anything is wrong. Indeed, the level of trust of controlling institutions is abysmal. But when it comes to specifics and substance, people won’t take the risk, face the opprobrium that occasions questioning the received version, the given narrative – of considering evidence or arguments that run counter – any more than they will touch an electric line.
     And certainly, they don’t want to find out what they might uncover if they did, or what might become of them. So, they almost literally pull up the covers – you and I have both seen it. They already have plenty to contend with in their own lives without that – even though finding out the true bent and nature of their overlords could actually elucidate some other problems plaguing them as well.
     Perhaps the most important and lasting lesson following 9/11 is this: “If you’re not on the train, you’re not going anywhere.” Or, as G.W. Bush more tactlessly put it, “If you’re not with us, you’re with the terrorists.” (True, if the negative were removed from the first half of the sentence.) Because, “’We / us’ (G.W. & Associates) are plotting the narrative”.
     Most recent case in point: Alex Jones, among at least a limited number of others, questions the reported narrative explaining the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Alex Jones: DID OBAMA HAVE SCALIA KILLED? It was, as you certainly know by now, initially reported that Mr. Scalia was discovered, still in bed late in the morning in a west Texas hunting lodge, dead with a pillow covering his head.
     The county coroner, who never showed up personally at the scene, declared the cause of death to have been cardiac arrest – a heart attack (when people certainly die in bed from that, but sometimes due to other causes as well). And he didn’t perform or order an autopsy reportedly because there was no allegation of foul play. But no forensic investigation was ordered, either – same as with 9/11.
     Some (including, by implication, Alex Jones) alleged that Justice Scalia was murdered, a murder ordered by the Executive Branch, said to possess ample motive, because Scalia, the Court’s right-wing bulwark, personally prevented a slew (or slough?) of rulings favored, indeed required by liberal partisans. Meaning that successfully replacing him on the Supreme Court could shift the balance and release the log jam.
     A day or two after the initial allegations by “conspiracy theorists” of things being not as they were reported, if was suggested in articles (a small victory in itself, because opposing views seldom get any recognition), that the original news brief should have said that the pillow was lodged between the bed and the wall, and that that change (correction?) in the story should silence the critics.
     The crimes of Jones and the others seem to have been a “thought crimes” – that they thought at all. How Orwellian! The remedy? Keep on pitching!
JH: 2/21/2016

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