Monday, November 30, 2015

NJ Military Fighters Responded to 9/11 at 10:28AM, 10:52AM & 11:17AM

Per 11/28/15 National Archives and Records Administration FOIA Release. I have re-listened to the 02/23/04 9/11 Commission interview with Lt. Col. Randy Morris several times. I respectfully urge everyone still concerned with learning the full details, the full truth about the September 11, 2001 mass killings to put yourself in that interview room with the commission and military personnel and hear for yourself in their own words from the people who were never interviewed publicly on CSPAN television or any other network.

Former commissioner Miles Kara surmised in an email exchange between he and I last year that the NJ Air National Guard (177th FW) would have reached NY at (9:00AM EST) and unarmed, therefore what good would they have been/"what were they supposed to do" [sic].

For those unaware, Kara has also acknowledged that the very same NJ-ANG "played" in the Vigilant Guardian mock hijack exercise on Friday September 7, 2001 wherein the NJ 177 Fighter Wing responded to and successfully intercepted a hijacking. After listening to the aforementioned February 2004 interview with Randy Morris (CONR) I've always wondering why the hell it took General Arnold so long to pass authority to "generate additional aircraft" to respond...especially in light of the fact that the 177th was good enough to practice intercepting a mock hijack four days before 9/11. Why weren't they "generated" for the real thing four days later when they clearly were the closest to do so and had demonstrated proficiency in doing so during practice?

Unfortunately, for everyone who cares the commission failed to broach the subject with General Arnold or anyone else in the military.

Listen to the interview at the nara's website in the 9/11 commission files.


Vance Green