Saturday, October 11, 2014

US Has More Sanctions Against Russia Than Against Ebola — Paul Craig Roberts

With so little known about a deadly disease, one would think that with ebola on the rampage in three west Africa countries, air flights to and from these countries would be halted.

When riots or kidnappings present dangers in foreign lands, the State Department issues a travel advisory and warns, and sometimes prevents, Americans from traveling to areas of danger. As the ebola danger goes beyond the person himself, one would think public officials would have halted traffic to and from west Africa. In fact, it is harder for a critic of the US government, especially if the critic is Muslim, to enter the US than for a person infected with ebola. Indeed, there are a number of Russians who cannot enter the US because of unilaterally imposed US sanctions. But there are no sanctions against ebola.

Apparently, public health officials have an outdated and incorrect comprehension of ebola and how it spreads. A sufficient number of medical personnel protected against ebola patients’ body fluids but without respirators have now been infected to indicate that the current strain of ebola can spread by air like flu. This also means surface contact.



I would add that because of our cover-up media, that neglects to inform the public about such things as the proxy war in Syria, or other western high crimes, we now face the consequences with ebola.

The problem is there is NO real level of accountability that forces the establishment to truly act in the interests of the people.

And now, when we face a real danger, a danger that will impact everyone, including those people defending official positions, we still see no quarantine or closing of borders despite knowing that the ebola virus has an incubation period of up to 20 days.

If the people within our establishment system, especially those that work for the 'less-than-watch-dog' mainstream media, continue to go along covering up various issues - not just ebola - then we are all more or less doomed. 

If this ebola outbreak turns out to be devastating, who will maintain the hundreds of nuclear power plants around the world when a large percentage of people have been killed off?  Nuclear power plants are not easy to shut down. Multiple Chernobyl and Fukushima type incidents WILL contaminate vast areas of the planet, perhaps the entire globe, for many hundreds of years. 

If you work in the mainstream media as an editor or producer, you must do something to help yourselves and break down the corrupt system. Same goes for high officials or 'covert' propagandists. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Expose the corrupt system and get the ball rolling so we can have an accountable system. Help yourselves and everyone else.

- Spook