Monday, January 27, 2014

BBC caught fabricating Dr. Greening´s support for the official 9/11 narrative

John-Michael Talboo recently commented on the deceptive December 2013 article by the BBC, called "Canadians wary of 9/11 explanations - and of US officials." Talboo points out that the BBC relies on the recycling of thoroughly debunked sources to falsely portray Dr. Frank Greening as a scientist that has researched and confirmed the official WTC collapse explanations on his own, and given up on "truthers" that refuse to accept the truth. In this update I demonstrate that the BBC also flat-out lies about Dr. Greening´s stance on 9/11: In reality, Dr. Greening is openly skeptical about the official reports after ridiculing and giving up on the so-called debunkers of the truth movement.

Dr. Greening started out as one of the few scientists that actually defended the official WTC collapse explanations in public, and then became one of the co-authors of a 2007 paper (revised in 2008) that backed the official explanation of the collapse of the Twin Towers. This former champion of the JREF 9/11truth debunking forum destroyed the credibility of the forum when he denounced it in 2007 for "smothering scientific debate," and ridiculing the forum members for treating the official narrative (including his own paper) as the word of God.

Dr. Greening followed up on his condemnation of the "debunkers" in 2008 by lambasting the official collapse report on the third tower (Building7), and by collaborating with one of the best known 9/11truthers on a book in 2009. The JREF forum sunk to a new low in 2009 as its members tried to discredit the Harrit et al. nanothermite study by slandering the Bentham publisher of the paper. In 2011, Dr. Greening co-authored a new paper that indirectly refutes his previous 2008 paper regarding the collapse of the Twin Towers - and to add insult to injury this former champion of the JREF´ers chose Bentham to publish the paper.

A recent interview by Kevin Barret reveals that Dr. Greening does not support the official WTC7 report, and that he is increasingly skeptical about the Twin Towers report and the official 9/11 narrative in general. Dr. Greening also confirms that he is aware of BBC´s blatant misrepresentation in its December 2013 propaganda article.