Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Drones protest gains local and national support

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1) Drones protest gains local and national support

2) Shaker Aamer - parliamentary meeting & demonstration

1) Drones protest gains local and national support

The news of the Ground the Drones protest at RAF Waddington this Saturday has provoked discussion in nearby Lincoln about Britain's use of drones abroad. In a statement from Lincoln Trades Council, Nick Parker, a Lincoln resident, said “as a trade union movement, it is vital that we support [the Ground the Drones protest on the 27th]." The TUC statement went on to say
We reject the massive amount of money spent on armaments while there are cuts taking place in jobs and services in Lincolnshire. Our group recognises that the armed forces are an important part of the local economy and we support the unions who represent civilians in defending their conditions, while calling for public investment in socially-useful jobs.  
A public meeting has been called which will take place this evening at 7pm at the Revival Centre off Sincil Street. The protest has also caught the interest of local media, with stories in the Lincoln Echo and The Lincolnite. The news of the protest also led to a debate on the BBC's Sunday morning debating programme The Big Questions.

Take action
  • Join the protest this Saturday 27th in Lincoln. 12.30pm at Lincoln South Park.
  • Add your name to our statement against Drones along with thousands of others including Rowan Williams and Denis Halliday.

2) Shaker Aamer - parliamentary meeting & demonstration
  • Wednesday 24 April
  • Parliamentary meeting 9.30am to 11am
  • Demonstration at 11.30am
The Save Shaker Aamer Campaign is calling a debate on Shaker Aamer on Wednesday 24th April in Westminster Hall from 9.30am to 11am. Shaker has been on hunger strike for too many weeks and the campaign has now learned from his lawyers that Shaker's life is in danger.

The Government must act urgently to demand the return of Shaker, a long-term British resident, from eleven years of torture and abuse in Guantanamo Bay detention camp. Though he has never been charged with any crime, and the US has produced no evidence against him, the UK Government’s repeated requests for Shaker’s release and return to the UK have been ignored.

The e-petition calling for Shaker’s immediate return has a total of 117,372 signatures, reflecting the strength of public demand for Shaker’s return to his home and family in the UK and has led to the parliamentary meeting tomorrow.

Please join our friends at the Save Shaker Aamer Campaign in a demonstration tomorrow outside Parliament. For more information, please visit the Stop the War web site.


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