Friday, September 9, 2011

9/11 Disinfo Road Trip

In my Charlie Veitch, WTF??? post I wrote:
He also said he spoke to a demolition expert, who I assume was probably someone like Brent Blanchard, and I'm guessing they told him it would be impossible to demolish those buildings.
I called it! The demolition expert they spoke to on the top floor of the new Building 7 was Brent Blanchard. Strangely enough though, WTC7 was not mentioned at all in the Conspiracy Road Trip program.

Instead they showed Charlie asking him why the upper floors of the south tower didn't fully topple over. Brent Blanchard's response was that a slight tilt would drastically lower the support and so there was no way to go but down. Really? What about the conservation of angular momentum? You know, that principle of physics that keeps spinning-tops spinning?! Also, how does a 'pile driver' impacting the lower floors at a 20 degree angle crush them so symmetrically, as observed in this video?

Next we have probably the only good thing about this program. Tony Szamboti shows two of the British truthers the Active Thermitic Material paper and mentions that the red chips react. He also mentions free fall but again no mention of WTC7 is made.

How does the program counter this? The same way Nat Geo did - by supposedly proving thermite can't cut steel. This program was filmed in June - 6 months after Jon Cole demonstrated that thermite-based incendiaries, if used the right way, can cut through steel.

What's interesting though is the demonstration they were given was of ordinary thermite, not nanothermite. When Charlie Veitch explained why he no longer believed in controlled demolition, he said he was given a demonstration of nanothermite.

Also ... that thermite expert ... could he have a more stereotypical geek voice?!

As it turns out, the program didn't mention all the hate Charlie received after changing his mind so that's a plus. This program was more of a documentary about the five British truthers than 9/11 itself. It kind of reminded me of IFC's New World Order film. It was still a hit piece, but more subtle. Like the other BBC pieces, it wasn't so much what was in the program, it's what wasn't in the program that annoys me.

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