Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal, Gone?

Pat Curley of the Screw Loose Change blog recently pointed out that the Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal has been taken down and thus the "Active Thermitic Material..." paper, in which an international group of scientists report to have found remnants of the incendiary/explosive nano-thermite in dust from the WTC, is gone as well. Pat states that Bentham "looks like they do have some standards after all." I wrote Gregg Roberts, one of the paper's authors, and he informed me that Bentham stated to him that they were "doing development work and the journal should be restored in 7 to 10 days." But even if Bentham takes the paper down permanently all it would mean is that they have buckled to pressure to distance themselves from the controversy it created.

Pat has failed to prove that the paper was not adequately peer-reviewed via the process at Bentham and omits the fact that it was also reviewed by BYU scientists.

Most importantly, no government investigator or "debunker" has yet to refute these findings by conducting forensic tests. To the contrary, the paper's results have been replicated. On that note, here is an interview with chemical engineer Mark Basile from 4/30/2009, which blog contributor Adam Taylor recently posted on YouTube at my suggestion because it wasn't there and his account allows large files. Basile makes it very clear that he has confirmed the findings, but Pat stated that he could "see no direct confirmation of 'nanothermite'; just talk about the iron microspheres and the red and grey chips."

As blog contributor Steve Weathers noted, "That's like saying I don't see an aeroplane, that's just talk about wings, aero-engines, aerodynamics, piloting etc (and then right before your eyes we have a picture showing an actual aeroplane or obvious parts thereof."

Here is an interview with Basile from October of last year, which Pat has not addressed where Basile again states that he has unequivocally confirmed the findings and throws down the gauntlet for anyone to refute him by doing experiments.

I have independently seen thermitic activity within two independent samples of World Trade Center Dust. [...] I would really like to stress that we need a lot more people involved in this work than just the few of us that are doing it right now.

My work with this has brought me to feel that this material is too big of an unanswered question and it really brings us to demand a new investigation. This is hard evidence that can not be refuted.

Anyone can replicate the work that’s been done and confirm that this material is there.

Mark Basile, chemical engineer

Update March 30, 2011:

Here is a presentation by Basile brought to our attention by YouTube user Lietuvispartizan. At around minute 38:00 he discusses his analyzation of the red/gray chips.

Update March 4, 2011:

O Hai, Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal!

It's back...


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