Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Multiple Explosions at the WTC site.

Looking through the newly released batch of videos from NIST and I found some interesting stuff in the folder "Richard Peskin." I have a edited together bits from four of the clips in that folder where you can hear what sound like explosions (after both towers have fallen), and the videographer (presumably Richard Peskin) saying that he's heard even more.

It has been speculated that the explosive demolition of WTC7 was supposed to be timed with, or shortly after, the fall of the towers. It is possible the explosions on the tape, some occurring at 11am, well after the collapses, are related to this endeavour.

Debunkers will argue that the explosive noises are only associated with the Tower collapses. This is not proven. This evidence leaves open the possibility that these noises may be coming from within building 7. Remember, Barry Jennings, a survivor who had been trapped inside WTC7 stated that there were explosions going on inside WTC7 over an extended period of time and that he was only rescued after the second tower had fallen.

These explosions refute debunker claims that there were no loud explosive-type noises that one could associate with a controlled demolition.

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