Saturday, March 6, 2010

CNN - 9/11 Truth Now A Mental Illness

At 2:20 the columnist uses some very deceptive wording. He says a 9/11 truther is "someone who believes that the World Trade Center was demolished from within RATHER THAN attacked by Al-Qaeda". They like to make it a black versus white, one or the other issue. Also, worded that way, it's subtly implying that we don't believe planes crashed into the buildings. He then he calls us "wingnuts" and says "some unhinged folks" can "take [the theories] too far, and that's what we've seen, certainly today, and also in the case of the IRS plane". He goes on to say that "fright-wing sites" promote "an apocalyptic urgency that some folks can take too far" and that "the 9/11 truth movement is part of that". He then says that there has been a recent trend of people "taking some of these paranoid fantasies from online, and translating them into violent action, and that's something that we should all be concerned about and be aware of". They then discuss the recent Southern Poverty Law Center report which links peaceful groups like WeAreChange in with violent militia groups. This smear campaign really is obvious, I can't believe people actually fall for this. They're not even good at what they do. Still, it shows we're hurting them I guess.

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