Saturday, February 7, 2009

Demolishing Inner & Outer Tyranny

This construction photograph of the North Tower shows that the core structures consisted of bundles of columns cross-linked by horizontal and diagonal members.

By Colin D. Donoghue

Yesterday I passed by a construction site downtown, for a new high-rise building. All that was in place so far were the steel beams at the center, arranged in a tight square, piercing into the air above. As I looked I remembered the photos of the construction of the twin towers, with their same steel inner cores rising first, the rest of the floors and structure being built around them. Yet the official story says those core columns didn't even exist, because it does not fit into their ridiculous “pancake theory” of collapse. You see them in the photo above, but Big Brother says they were never there, so that's good enough for the corporate media.

There is no need to go further into the evidence here; that has been done expertly by many scientists and architects, who's work can be found on this website and elsewhere. One can read the books on 9/11 by David Ray Griffin, watch the film "9/11 Mysteries", review the work on,, along with many other sources referred to on this website.

Yet one does not even need all this scientific proof, if they just had common sense! How can you watch building 7 collapse and think it was not a controlled demolition? The fact that something so obvious as the controlled demolitions of the twin towers and building 7 remains controversial today puts me in a strange mood. It's a mood of disbelief, sadness, frustration and pity.

What hope is there for humanity if mass-murderers can get away with a crime that the whole world saw, simply by telling people they saw something else?

It's like a man shooting another, plain as day, but then saying "Oh, that was just a water pistol, and the man died of a heart attack." Never mind the bullet in the other man's chest. Never mind the gunfire residue covering the murderer's hand. Let him go, simply because he says something else happened. Of course this is why "debunkers" make lousy cops...

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The amount of evidence that 9/11 was an act of state-sponsored terrorism is so overwhelming, it makes me wonder if perhaps humans as a whole are just too stupid and gullible to end the reign of fascists and tyrants. The perpetrators of 9/11 were certainly counting on that being the case.

I hope humanity proves them wrong. But now, with the messianic deception of Obama and the current economic crisis, sure to be followed by other generated trauma-inducing events that Biden "guaranteed" us will occur soon, I wonder if this evil, today encapsulated in the phrase “The New World Order”, can be stopped. Perhaps it as many spiritual teachers say, that until we achieve self-realization, violence, oppression and tyranny will continue, century after century.

Yet one does not need to be enlightened to see something so obvious as the controlled demolitions of the WTC buildings! And most people that do see the evidence, do understand it; my questioning of the basic intelligence of humanity as a whole is really not called for. Polls show the majority of Americans don't believe the official 9/11 story. So why is that official story allowed to be called “history” and taught to our children? Why do government officials and members of Congress that know the truth do nothing?

Corruption... and why are they so easily corrupted? Because they do not value human life, or principles such as freedom and love; they value wealth and power, just as fascists of one sort or another have throughout the history of human civilization. And why do they value wealth and power over freedom and love? “Because they have lost the connection to the liberating love within them”, I know many Yogis might say.

So here's the comprehensive solution:
Re-open the 9/11 investigation, find the guilty officials, put them in jail for the rest of their lives, and sign them up for a prison meditation course. Then we'll have justice for the victims of 9/11, end the tyranny and violence based on that Big Lie, and strike at the root of the evil as well.

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