Sunday, November 9, 2008

Would the Real Osama Please stand/Where in the world is bin Laden

OK I have seen enough. I have seen enough evidence to have major questions.

Lets talk Satellites and videos.
First satellites.....

We have amazing satellite technology.
I can go to Google map quest and get a picture of my house and see it clearly.
This technology is global and the military usage of satellites is even better,
than what Google will let us see.
Our satellites have a technology called remote sensing.
We can track weather systems and forest fires. The Military use remote sensing to provide air and ground forces with information.
Our satellites can observe the entire globe and get the tiniest of details pretty clear.
What has this to do with bin Laden?
Our military claims they cannot find him.
Our FBI says there is not enough evidence to connect him with 9/11.
Yes you read that correctly ...Not enough evidence.
I could list all the many different websites giving that evidence but the best one is the FBI website itself. (Go to the most wanted list and read the charges)
This says more than all the other evidence given (and there is plenty).
We have everyone (supposedly) in the world looking for this man.
Rumors are that he is already dead and has been that way for some time now.
My question is that with all the satellite technology we have then why could they not locate him?
HMMMMM..... perhaps it was because they really did not want to.
If they had found Osama there would have been no reason to do all the things they have done and thousands of people would still be alive today.

Just think; No war in Iraq, No ongoing war presence in Afghanistan (which of course is right off the Russian border.) Our soldiers home.

It is my personal belief is that we have been lied to in a large way.
It all began with the cover-up of 9/11 for if the truth had been known there is no way this country would be where we are today.
It is my personal belief that untill the truth of 9/11 is known or reinvestigated we cannot undo what has been done to our country since that day.

Now on to videos:
To incite the Americans fervor the spindoctors of propaganda showed us several videos.
These videos were of Osama bin Laden? and his little band of men speaking on how great it was, "their plan" had succeeded ect.
Now I found it rather odd that the bin Laden in that video looked strikingly different than his photo.
You see one of the things I do in my spare time is facial portraits. I freehand draw them and I have done this since I was a child.
Now I can tell you that the face in that video is not the same as the photos of bin Laden that we have been shown and it is very clear, the cheek bones are different, the noise is different ect.
So hence my question -would the real Osama please stand!

Osama Bin Laden - 911 Anniversary 2007: