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Did Chemical Engineer, Mark Basile, lose his job because of his 9/11 related research indicating the 3 skyscrapers that fell on 9/11 did so because of controlled demolition?

In a recent conversation with 911debunkers blog contributor, Adam Taylor, he said that he had been conversing with people in a 9/11 Truth Facebook group and had a question for me. He asked if it was true that Chemical Engineer, Mark Basile, lost his job because of the 9/11 related research he conducted indicating the 3 skyscrapers that fell on 9/11 did so because of controlled demolition. 

I responded that, yes, Basile allegedly lost his job for doing this research. The 5,000 dollar question then is, did he thus feel that he deserved to keep the money people donated for further research? I have no idea, but I certainly donated hundreds of dollars, that were never refunded, for lackluster results when compared to what was promised. Here is what one "debunker" had to say...

"At the end of the day, I expect that Mark Basile will either finish what he started or bow under the pressure and return all the money to his supporters.

It certainly is not enough money to tempt him, or any other working professional into ruining their professional and personal reputations."

There are many lingering questions, but here's what I do know for sure. The Millette study wasn't peer-reviewed like the Steven Jones lead study. Furthermore, the official government NIST reports were also not peer-reviewed despite 3 NIST whistleblowers calling for such while also doubting the veracity of the official conspiracy theory conclusions.

On nano-thermite incendiary/explosive claims specifically, it must be noted that Mark Basile and another researcher also confirmed several aspects of the Jones paper and it is worth noting that Mark did release to us videos of experiments he conducted. In these tests, he compared WTC paint to the red chips of suspected nano-thermite residues mainly because of "debunker" objections that this simple prosaic explanation hadn't occurred to more than a dozen experts involved in this research. Absurd on its face, but debunkers have always helped honest investigators hone their arguments. 

Why 'Debunkers' Help The 911 Truth Movement

I any event, prior to securing the release of these videos, only a small portion of this experiment footage was available in the film Loose Change: An American Coup. Without the fundraising effort instigated by bloggers here and elsewhere that most likely would not have been the case. Here I am providing narration over the experiment footage. 

Furthermore, Basile produced a preliminary report, which reported "chips flew off the heater." If that's paint... then those who manufactured it have some serious questions to answer as to why they concocted such a dangerous product. The asbestos fiasco comes to mind...

None of this is to say that what Mark did was OK, it wasn't. He asked for this funding and in good faith should not punish those who donated, even if one individual really is responsible for him losing his job via his pestering and calling him at work. This is all the more true, when one considers that the time line for results was constantly being pushed back by Mark with mundane excuses of being busy and what not. Had he not taken such an extremely long time then all of this (if it happened as advertised) could have been avoided. The frustration by everyone involved was palpable and Basile should have seen the writing on the wall that further delays could get ugly. But it doesn't require any feat of intuition. Quite simply, once he clearly had upset all involved with his moving of the clearly defined goalposts he should have simply resigned and refunded. I assure you, this moment had long since come and gone before the alleged final needle fell and broke the camels back as the saying goes.  He should have just returned the money and cited personal conflicts and bowed out well before the shit hit the fan.

Furthermore, it was to my recollection indicated to me that his employer was upset about their labs being utilized for some of the work, however, it was my understanding that all prior work was conducted in his home and all future work was explicitly stated to be taken place at independent labs. Perhaps this was just an unfounded concern of his workplace or a further excuse to oust him. But if that is the case, then his association with 9/11 conspiracy research would have been all that was required to eventually get him the boot and Mark was very public about his views/research. Doesn't add up to me. 

These people in the video below and others including me were lied to and stolen from either way. He did say at one point that he would give refunds to anyone that asked. I did indeed ask. No ducats have been forthcoming. It's not their/my fault and even if the proverbial dog did actually eat the homework for real this time, it is still gone and can't be properly graded. IMHO He get's a D+ at best for what work he did do when considering the larger context of things and the debunkers get an F+. The demolition argument overall is maybe a B- when it could have been an A+++ and it just plain sucks. 

9/11 Truth Teleconference Interview with Chemical Engineer Mark Basile

The short, but still corroborative report by, Crooksile... er... uhh... I mean, Basile, was obviously not as extensive as the one by Millette, but neither was peer-reviewed. 

At the end of the day, there is far more professional scientific support for the conclusion that nano-thermite was used in the obvious controlled demolitions we witnessed on 9/11! That said, it may very well be that the demolition theories thought to be wacky were right!!! Or maybe the method used was novel and/or top secret stuff that has not even been explored?

Or maybe the debunkers are right on this particular issue. Even if that were the case, they still are wrong in their overall approach when compared to truthers. For instance, the totally reasonable question of whether it was conventional explosives that the government failed to test for is considered illogical to them. Whether cognitive dissonance victims or gaslighting war pigs, the facts are simple and clear. The fine patriots known as 9/11 debunkers are just dandy with controlled demolition being ruled out by skipping key forensic tests. I also tried to get this possibility independently tested and well son of bitch, the very vocal asshole promoting this theory, while also viscously bashing other truthers and calling many of them agents, including myself, stole the samples that, yes, Mark Basile, provided for him!

Debunking Scott Creighton's Debunking of Nano-Thermite

I somewhat recently called this prick out again on Bitchute and was not surprised to be 
assaulted with projections of government connections, with the purported (not true) lack of me being censored like him used as evidence.

First off, this was a strange reaction as the last time we communicated, it ended in a very cordial manner. This was, however, preceded by another conversation that ended with me responding to his "agent" accusations with a lil rap/hip hop response that no FED could ever spit from their lying mouth connected to their empty head. #NotAll

And, uh... well... let's just say that it wasn't a kind and loving lyrical rendition for this likely agent of sedition. 

Paranoid??? Yes! But not in an impossible or hugely improbable (like 3 skyscrapers crushing themselves) way at all!


Second image source: Responses to 'The truth is rushing out there: why conspiracy theories spread faster than ever'

Maybe the culprits don't care for the above adage and instead prefer the meta version below. Maybe this is also one of their lawyers as well!?!?! :P

I suppose it ain't a crime if you don't get caught is an old folk wisdom saying as well. :(

Are They ALL Feds???---Gavin McInnes Presents 7 Ways to Spot a Fed (featuring Linda) on GOML

Highly respected 9/11 researchers Gregg Roberts and Jim Hoffman were long before me, totally convinced that "Scott" was not a truther at all, but rather an agent of the involved cabal. They even scoffed at my suggestion that Scott seemed legit because he grandma answered the phone and called out for him. It seemed organic, but I was being naïve and they were right. As Jesse Ventura reported about his meeting with the CIA after being elected Governor, the agency hires all sorts of widely different looking people, old and young, to help gather their "intelligence" and sell their deceptions. 

John-Michael's work against the debunkers at his webpage is a valuable contribution in the fight to inform the public of the trickery and deceptions put out in defense of the 9/11 myth." - 
Gregg Roberts,

CIA confirms Ventura meeting occurred

With all the talk in recent years from the gov about purveyors of misinformation, it is an honor that Jim Hoffman lists this blog in his small list of "Sites Exposing Misinformation" category.


But seriously, you actually should. 

Years ago a person contacted me via the and wanted to meet up, go to a restaurant, and talk about 9/11 truth and related activism. My wife and I agreed, because what the hell, we loved going out to the local Mexican joint anyways and this was a perfect excuse to go indulge in their highly coveted and not easily at home replicated queso blanco/white cheese dip. In fact, I was fortunate enough to find three 1 Million% real pictures of us all at this meetup...




At first, we all seemed to hit it off, talked for a bit before going in and that vibe continued for awhile. Then he started dicking around with something in his bag causing me to lean in for a closer peek, only to see him messing with what looked like some electronic device in his book bag, which obviously prompted me to ask what he was doing and what that thing was. My memory fails me at this point, but the response was essentially that it was some mundane thing like a radio or some such nonsense that kept messing up. It was bizarre.

Perhaps he liked us and was making an attempt at cluing us in so we didn't say anything stupid we didn't mean? Later on when asked my wife would concur that she too was especially sketched out by this particular event and she thought the whole thing was odd and likely what I suspected. I didn't totally put 2 and 2 together myself until later after much thought.  

After the meal, the conversation continued outside and this is when any self-reflection of just having paranoid thoughts started to give way to the possible reality that he was indeed an agent of some kind out to get me. Repeatedly, it was suggested to me that we truthers might need to ramp up our efforts to a level of violence. I of course refuted this silly notion as well as many of the cockamamie theories he tossed about. 

So, if I was given this level of attention without having yet worked with scientists claiming to have found explosive residues in the WTC dust. Then it obviously stands to reason, that once I was doing this and even had such materials in my possession for a time, that I could become a target of a person like "Scott." Ironic that he is the real slim shady, but hated my rapping so much. :)

The claim from him was always that he only needed a small few specks of WTC dust to test for conventional explosives that he hypothesized were hidden in normal looking computer wires and such, but were actually detonation cord, a material which its apparent absence in the rubble served as an excuse for non-testing. It was always promised to me that I could get the items returned to me at any time for any reason. Once he received the, if memory serves, six full test tubes of WTC dust he requested, it was one lame excuse after another. He posted about it, on his now conveniently memory holed/censored website, and at first even questioned publicly if he had enough materials to work with! 

Upon seeing this I chimed in his comments section and publicly reminded him that he had repeatedly stated a much smaller amount of dust would suffice. I can't recall how he handled that important omission to his readers, but the goalposts then shifted to him being worried about the provenance of the samples. This is an objection that the original Jones paper authors and myself/others on this site had already addressed and rebutted at length.

Basile also provided him with a printed out sheet of information about where the samples came from and pointed out to him that the chemical signature of the dust was very unique and could easily be identified as such. But again, his website was purportedly censored and thus it's obviously much harder than it already was for me to dig up these old revealing posts. Again, I have been censored severely myself, been threatened with court actions, kicked off Twitter, lost 7 or so YouTube channels, a few TikTok channels and many individual videos, and have blog posts removed all the time. I've also documented obvious search engine manipulation and shadow banning. Just searching for this blog with the term "911 debunkers" on Yandex vs Google vs DuckDuckGo speaks volumes. The top result spot this site held for years on Google now doesn't even show up in the top ten as of this writing.

So, of course I rebutted Scott's nonsense about me not being censored in this way, but I also pointed out my legal and medical disclaimers, If he isn't a plant, he may also have just had a larger target on his back as his site was very popular and he even authored at least one piece that I recall seeing on the heavily censored Infowars. We also have been featured there in a piece about Wikileaks censoring controlled demolition info. Some also think it's actually little guys that get taken out first, but fuck all this speculative bullshit. My 9/11 truth movement bona fides are impeccable. I asked Scotty boy a handful of times to return the materials and the return address was on the package and provided to him both privately and most recently PUBLICLY on Bitchute. He lied about testing and returning the dust and was a constant purveyor of calling respected researchers shills. He who smelt it dealt it applies perfectly in this situation where things smell rotten all around, but not like Denmark actually, because good demolition/nano-thermite forensic evidence actually was provided by Danish scientist Neils Harrit. As he said on TV there, if it walks and quacks like a duck, it may just be that is what is up.

Scott is a lying fuck of a duck and deserves no trust. That said, he does deserve a big thank you, because his actions indirectly prove a 9/11 conspiracy via the cover up. 
Weird that all my attempts to cement the demolition case are met with extreme fuckery. I think that this is highly unlikely if it was all much ado about nothing and contend that this bullshit, in and of itself, is almost as good as the missing bits of evidence we were looking for. 

Another example of this comes to us via my friend, the late Janice Matthews, of She had a repair man recognize her from being in an Alex Jones film for something like 30 seconds or less, where it just showed her alongside a whole bunch of other protestors in NYC for the GOP convention in 2004. Very unlikely that he would have even seen the film at the time, let alone recognize and come into contact with her by chance. But if there is still any doubt whatsoever, then having a repairman outside that wasn't ordered or authorized to be there, then claim that he had a work order in his van, only to abruptly speed off like a bat out of hell, shows us inadvertently, but clearly exactly what demons we are dealing with. In trying to hide their crimes, they have revealed their cards to us and failed miserably at their bluff. We don't know it all, but we know enough from the cover up, that we are correct. 9/11 was an inside job to some degree and we can fully exonerate gravity, but not our "leaders" depravity!

Theories of the Twin Towers' Destruction Rejecting Gravity-Driven Collapse. Plausible theories of the destruction of the Twin Towers recognize that the observed ...
Explosive ejections of dust, known as squibs, occurred well below the mushrooming region in both of the tower collapses. A gravitational collapse explanation ...
Despite the destruction of the most significant evidence of the Twin Tower collapses -- the structural steel -- it is relatively easy to prove the towers were ...

The perpetrators may never face justice in the way that we want, but the simple facts and what they clearly enough show, were arguably the first major domino to fall in this new century where the zeitgeist of tyrannical rule by secrecy is being transformed into disinfecting sunlight that will prevent the future from suffering such plight. Conspiracy theories are constantly drilled into our head as being the enemy of mankind, but yet more and more all the time cannot deny how often this worldview is right. The COVID-1984 SNAFU proved that we are still in for one hell of fight, but absent 9/11 truth I think their endgame might well have been complete, as opposed to being the mirage on the horizon that it is, so close, but yet still so far out of sight. It'll be alright! :)


And rocket scientists agree, it isn't rocket science!

But is this evidence concrete enough? Well... YES! :P


Thermitic Pyrotechnics in the WTC Made Simple: Three Points of Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe that Anyone Can Understand - A concise non-technical summary of three key points about recently documented unexploded pyrotechnics from the Twin Towers

Explosives Found in World Trade Center Dust: Scientists Discover Both Residues And Unignited Fragments Of High-Tech Metal Incendiaries In Debris From the Twin Towers - A non-technical guide to the newly published paper explaining the identification of nano-engineered explosive materials in dust from the Twin Towers

Basic Physics Experiments Prove 9 11 was an Inside Job