Saturday, June 24, 2023

Logic dictates Joe was in the room!

Editor's Note: To all the fake mainstream news geniuses out there, please do tell... If Hunter was just a crazy crack head talking shit and his dad wasn't really sitting beside him, then what do you think Hunter would do if these obviously smart and powerful Chinese Communist Party affiliated individuals decided to easily call him out on his bluff? Threats need a backbone to work. Logic dictates, just like dictator Joe Biden, that he was indeed right there on the couch. No wonder Joey called the dear Chinese supreme leader a dictator recently. It's called deflection, deception, and  psychological projection. 
'I Am Sitting Here With My Father'

Hunter Demanded Payment From Chinese Businessman - With Joe In The Room

Hunter Biden demanded in 2017 to be paid by CCP-linked Chinese businessman Henry Zhao while President Joe Biden was “sitting” next to him, according to a screenshot of a WhatsApp message from an IRS whistleblower.