Tuesday, June 27, 2023

You Should Be OUTRAGED By This CDC Lie! (Jimmy Dore)


You Should Be OUTRAGED By This CDC Lie! (Jimmy Dore)

The whole premise of the COVID vaccine mandates was that everyone needed to be vaccinated because that would stop the spread of the virus. But it turns out that the CDC knew from the very beginning that the vaccines didn’t prevent transmission, so there was no need for mandates at all.

As Jimmy points out in this video, that didn’t stop CDC head Rochelle Walensky from lying about the vaccines’ efficacy so she could continue pushing mandates.

Dore says all these people at the top are liars and should be in jail. If people in the alt media space had been listening to Alex Jones from the beginning they would have known about this lying in real time. At least the information is coming out strongly today. 

[Posted at the SpookyWeather2 blog, June 28, 2023.]