Sunday, June 4, 2023

Where do you think this country would be without politicians?

The human drive for power is limitless and yet this desire only seems to grow stronger with time.

"When liberty is taken away by force, it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished by default it can never be recovered." Dorothy Thompson I can't remember the name of this film but this patch of dialogue captures the timeless cynicism of age and the optimism of youth in 46 seconds: Tux: "All the average citizen thinks about is making money. He's got no time for politics. He'd rather let the other fellow worry about running the long as he has a place to sleep and something to eat." Smoker: "Hmm, I'll admit It looks that way at times." Tux: "It's always that way..." 9/ invites you to join a private community for those who want to develop a deeper understanding of 9/11 research, learn 9/11 Truth Movement history, and participate in strategic dialogue. We invite intrepid inquiry and engaged participation. Sign up, share your thoughts, and participate in our private community app released 2022.