Thursday, June 15, 2023

Duped Docs


“We Were Duped” – Doctors Angry About CDC & WHO’s COVID Lies (Jimmy Dore)

More and more, doctors across the United States have begun questioning the COVID narrative relating to vaccines, masks, lockdowns and alternative treatments and they’re speaking out. Dr. Kat Lindley has co-founded the Global Health Project to amplify those voices and ensure that the kind of mass hysteria and misinformation peddled by elite institutions never happens again.

Jimmy speaks with Dr. Lindley about her program and the Global Health Project’s efforts to encourage physicians to raise their voices and restore faith in medical professionals.

The Jimmy Dore show reporting on a level of activism from within the medical community against the authorities. However a lot of people on You Tube are not showing much sympathy towards this campaign - although the lady in charge here seems like she never bought into what was going on. Maybe they also need to include some sort of confession, in terms of admitted wrongdoing and of gross negligence, along with this idea of confronting the corrupt authority structure. It is said that confession is good for the soul:

If I, a hospital security officer, knew more about Covid and the vaccine than the doctors and nurses I was protecting, we have a problem.

todd hut
As a PureBlood here in Canada, I will never trust the government or medical system until there is a global Nuremberg style trial with appropriate punishment..

Sandra Boyd
These doctors sold us out and were responsible, in part, for the anxiety and PTSD.

Kat Brinson
I am a nurse, and saw things wrong from the start…I called out the doctors I knew and worked with, and with a sinking heart I knew someone had shut them down, bribed, or threatened them to go along with dangerous protocols. I am retired, but any doctor who fell for this was looking the other way…there is no way they are innocent.

Monica Or
When you see the mass formation psychosis with your own eyes, your outlook on government & authority is forever changed. Thank you Jimmy & the rest of you guys for never giving in to the pressure and for exposing those lies.

Denver Lee Harris
How come people with common sense knew we were lied to but many educated doctors didn’t?

The doctors were not duped. They were cowardly, end of story. I worked for doctors and they knew the shots didn't stop the spread. I had arguments with them about that fact and they knew the truth yet I still lost my job. These are some of the most intelligent people in society and average people could see through the BS.

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