Saturday, May 22, 2010

The State Department Debunked!

Cass Sunstein has been hard at work I see. I haven't laughed so hard since Bin Laden went green. It seems an actual government website has a conspiracy theory debunking section., a State Department website, has a Conspiracy Theories and Misinformation section, including an article on 9/11. This site really is the ministry of truth personified. It's the usual BS we've come to expect from debunkers, there's almost no point going though it, but I will anyway because I need to take a break from making my video about state child abuse.

The Top September 11 Conspiracy Theories

Numerous unfounded conspiracy theories about the September 11 attacks continue to circulate, especially on the Internet. Some of the most popular myths are:
Right from the beginning they spin it. There are not "Numerous unfounded conspiracy theories", there are numerous pieces of Evidence. They always use the word theory, they never use the word Evidence.

1) The World Trade Center (WTC) twin towers were destroyed by controlled demolitions.

This is how the collapses may have appeared to non-experts, but demolition experts point out many differences:
Ahh, the good old appeal to authority. 1200 independent Architects and Engineers aren't credible, but our few experts who have a vested interest in defending the official story are. They're credible because we say so. So shut up!

Demolition professionals always blow the bottom floors of a structure first, but the WTC tower collapses began at the upper levels, where the planes hit the buildings.
Strawman. We've never claimed the demolition of the twin towers was a conventional controlled demolition. The statement is also completely false. Controlled demolitions can be initiated anywhere.

Non-experts claim that debris seen blowing out of windows was evidence of explosive charges, but experts identify this as air and light office contents (paper, pulverized concrete, etc.) being forced out of windows as floors collapsed on each other.
"Non-experts claim", Haha. Could the propaganda get any more obvious?! Anyway, they're talking about the squibs here which seems to be the only feature of the demolitions the mainstream debunkers focus on. Popular Mechanics and the BBC only talked about the squibs as well. Perhaps because the squibs provide the least conclusive evidence for demolition. All the other features are much harder to refute, therefore they simply ignore them. Sometimes I wonder if some of the explosives were actually intentionally mistimed to provide them with a strawman.

Demolition firms had very sensitive seismographs operating at other sites in Manhattan on September 11. None recorded signs of any explosions prior to the tower collapses. Instead, seismic spikes were noted when debris began hitting the ground.
Well that's debatable, but again, the seismic stuff is a distraction from more conclusive evidence.

Cutting away walls, insulation, plumbing, and electrical conduits to place numerous charges on the towers’ structural columns in advance would not have gone unnoticed.
Not if you control the security and have a cover story. That's the point. That's why demolition implies inside job. This is also a logical fallacy: "We can't possibly imagine how a covert demolition could be pulled off, therefore we are going to deny all the evidence that proves a covert demolition was pulled off."

Clean-up crews found none of the telltale signs of controlled demolitions that would have existed if explosive charges had been used.
What should they have found, a load of wires? We're talking about skyscrapers with miles of network cabling! It wouldn't have been hard to disguise the wires, if indeed there were any. The explosives could have been, and probably were, detonated wirelessly.

The officials may not have found any of the "telltale signs" of demolition but independent scientists have, some of the actual explosive itself has been found in dust samples.

For more information, see ImplosionWorld’s article (PDF, 56 K) on the WTC collapses, the March 2005 Popular Mechanics, parts 4 and 5, “The Attack on the World Trade Center Towers,” and the video 9/11 Debunked: Controlled Demolition Not Possible.
Now that's odd. They link to a video by RKOwens4. What's the State Department doing linking to some guy's YouTube video?! Unless ... I'll leave it to you to fill in the blanks there ;).

2) No plane hit the Pentagon on September 11. Instead, it was a missile fired by elements “from inside the American state apparatus.”

Conspiracy theorists making this claim ignore several facts:

• The remains of the bodies of the crew and passengers of American Airlines flight 77 were found at the Pentagon crash site, and positively identified by DNA.

• The flight’s black boxes were also recovered at the site.

• Numerous eyewitnesses saw the plane strike the Pentagon. Some saw passengers through the plane’s windows. Missiles don’t have windows or carry passengers.

• Numerous photographs show airplane debris at the crash site, as was also witnessed by survivors and rescue personnel.

I agree with all of this.