Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The UK Election Puppet Show [Updated]

In the US, when a party is in power, the other party at least pretends to be opposed to the globalist agenda that the party in power is carrying out. Here in the UK they don't even give us that! The leaders of all three of the major parties (Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat) are blatantly globalist controlled, it's amazing how few people can see it. They're all Pro-EU, they all fearmonger global warming, which even Phil Jones has now admitted hasn't happened in any significant sense for 15 years, and neither the Conservatives or the LibDems oppose Blair and Brown's wars or the growing police state in any serious way. On issues that matter there is virtually no difference between them.

The two big issues in the election debates are the economy and immigration. While there is a fair bit of psuedo-fighting between the parties over these issues, it's all a smokescreen. As long as we're in the EU, we can't really do much about either of these things anyway! All three parties have all broken promises to offer the British people a referendum on EU Treaty, which casts further doubt on how trustworthy they are.

So far there have been two televised debates between the three parties and the third and final one will take place on Thursday. Apparently the smaller parties don't exist according to the organisers of these things, because none of them were invited to take part. Could it be because they're not puppets? We can't have any anti-globalist, libertarian, climate skeptics on TV now, can we?! For an analysis of the first debate see:

Televised election debate another shining example of Britain’s commitment to democracy

A few weeks ago it looked very much like David Cameron and the Conservatives would win. That was until the first debate, which resulted in Nick Clegg, leader of the LibDems, gaining a massive boost in popularity. Britain was hit with "Cleggmania", some newspapers were calling him the British Obama, complete with poster ...

The comparison is certainly justified! They're just throwing it in our faces that he's a puppet. David Icke has written a relatively lizard-free analysis of Nick Clegg and the election in general, which can be read here.

So yeh, over the past week I worked hard to put this video together. It was an absolute bastard to upload though, it kept stopping half way through due to an "unkown error" and when it finally did complete (24 hours later), Youtube processed it wrong and squished it to a standard 4:3 resolution. So I had to add "yt:stretch=16:9" to the tags to fix it. Hopefully it will be spread around and will wake a few people up to the false paradigm. Yesterday I got a nice endorsement from Nufffrespect who found one of my videos and set it as his channel video. I made this video relatively sheeple-friendly with no real talk of conspiracies (I was gonna include some stuff about the Kennedy assassination but couldn't fit it in) and used simple analogies like at the end when I say "It doesn't matter to the globalists which one wins, in the same way it doesn't matter to Simon Cowell who wins The X Factor each year"! I expose the fraud that is 'The War on Terror' with simple statistics, and I included some clips from one of my favourite South Park episodes (Douche and Turd) and one of my favourite Simpsons stories (Citizen Kang), which sum things up quite well!

"It makes no difference which one of us you vote for.
Either way, your planet is doomed... DOOMED!!!"

There's also some stuff about depleted uranium and footage from the Wikileaks video, aswell as footage of a british soldier biting the head off of a live chicken!

South Park - Douche and Turd
Requiem for a Dream (Paul Oakenfold Remix)

... Yeah okay, I sold out. I used music everyone else uses in their videos. When I first started making videos, I vowed that I would never use O Fortuna, Requiem for a Dream or that music from Matrix reloaded in any of my videos, but I couldn't think of anything else. I didn't have the time to spend weeks surfing the internet trying to find music like I normally do.


So the election is tomorrow and now it looks as though Cameron is once again the favourite to win. Nick Clegg has seen a drop in popularity after the second and third TV debates and Gordon Brown's 'bigot' comment became a national scandal. Because you know, calling someone a bigot is clearly the worst thing Brown has ever done. Never mind the big brother state, the surrendering of Britain's sovereignty and the crimes against humanity! The scandal seems somewhat staged if you ask me.

In the third debate Clegg and Brown finally pointed out that Cameron's immigration policy would not affect people in the EU, which led to an astonishing piece of truth from the BBC:

Sadly this isn't getting as much attention as it should. Regardless of people's views on immigration, this fact essentially exposes the entire election debate as being a farce.

GlobalResearch has chimed in with their take on the election. In an article entitled Britain's Election: Welcome to No Choice Democracy, Finian Cunningham writes ...

"All three main political parties have said that economic austerity is the necessary tough medicine to cure Britain’s sick fiscal condition. Despite the outrageous aggrandizement of wealth by a tiny elite, the wider public is being told that they will have to pay for the economic crisis through higher taxes and massive cuts in public services.

In an advertently shocking admission of the stranglehold on Britain’s politics, a Financial Times (26 April) front page headline read: “Brutal choices over British deficit”. Its report went on to say: “The next government will have to cut public sector pay, freeze benefits, slash jobs, abolish a range of welfare entitlements and take the axe to programmes such as school building and road maintenance.” In other words: you can vote, but it won’t make a difference – this is how the economy is going to be run as dictated by capital.

Ruled out from the outset, it seems, are imminently sensible and workable options, such as taxing the super-rich whose combined wealth is more than twice than of Britain’s budget deficit, or immediately ending budget-draining criminal wars of foreign occupation."

The key point is this, What's the point of debating immigration if we have our doors open to the whole of Europe? What's the point of debating economics when we are spending enormous amounts on these illegal wars and are sending billions of pounds a year to the EU? What's the point of debating what to do about a slight increase in global temperature, when we are contaminating parts of the world with deadly radioactive material with a half-life of billions of years? - The whole thing is a blatant sham!

David Cameron has made some interesting statements recently. In the third election debate, he said that he 'can guarantee' that he 'would never join the euro'. He also promised recently that he would relax the Big Brother state. Nice pledges Dave ... shame I don't believe you! Considering how well his last 'cast iron guarantee' held up, I don't have much faith in the new promises from the Queen's fifth cousin twice-removed!

Not that I really care much about the currency we have now. Frankly, I'd rather not have to look at the ugly mugs of Queen Elizabeth and Charles Darwin whenever I draw money out the bank!

At the end of my video I compared the election to Simon Cowell's reality show / social engineering tool / crime against music, The X Factor. Today Cowell got political and wrote a lengthy sermon for the Sun, endorsing Cameron over his good buddy and number 1 fan, Gordon.

"I don't believe a General Election is the X Factor." - Simon Cowell

Really? ... A staged puppet show followed by a pointless vote, the result of which benefits the puppet masters no matter who wins ... Sounds alot like the X Factor if you ask me!

I really hate celebrity endorsements. I am reminded of that disturbing "I Pledge" video that was circulated in the run up to Obama's inauguration.

The fact that Cameron is the favourite is somewhat encouraging as it shows people are at least subconsciously aware of the problems. Cameron is definitely the least openly globalist of the three candidates, and he does appear to be better than Gordon Brown (which isn't difficult). Then again, Obama appeared to be better than Bush. It's the same old psy-op. Cameron is even using Obama's "Change" slogan.

I guess only time will tell whether or not I'll have to make a video called "The David Cameron Deception"!