Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Molten Steel in the Rubble of the World Trade Centre Collapse = Inside Job

The picture here shows superheated Molten Steel being pulled from the rubble of the World Trade Centre buildings weeks after the collapses.

We know this is steel because other materials such as copper or aluminium exhibiting a yellow or near white colour would be completely liquid. The melting point of copper is 1080 degrees Celsius whilst the melting point of aluminum is only 660 degrees Celsius. The metal in the picture is still plastic even though some of it is well above 1000 degrees Celsius.

You are looking at building steel that has been heated to an extraordinary temperature in a rubble pile that had neither the fuel or air requirements to do so. For instance in a forge, that heats iron to a red hot appearance, we require a sea of hot coals wherein the iron is submerged. Air is pumped in into this mass to increase the temperature. The problem here is that the rubble pile was not a sea of coals and according to official reports, it presented conditions that were described as "oxygen poor"[US DELTA Study Group].

The ONLY other way of heating steel to such a high temperature here would necessarily require the use of large quantities of explosive incendiary materials. The building fires could never cause such melting and neither could later conventional fires in the rubble pile.

The reports of superheated metals seen throughout the rubble must be taken seriously and the implications recognised. Just from this evidence alone it would appear that large sections of the World Trade Centre Buildings were subjected to the actions of incendiary devices.

Most damningly, analysis of the slag from the steel and also from previously molten iron spheres (which were found all throughout the dust) has revealed the signature of the incendiary Thermate.

This smoking gun scientific evidence shows that the Twin Towers and Building 7 were subjected to large quantities of thermite-type incendiaries confirming that the collapses were not natural fire induced events. 911 was an Inside Job.

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