Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Liberal-Conservative Party!

So the UK election resulted in a hung parliament. The Conservatives won the most seats but didn't have enough for a working majority. The UK Independence Party and the British National Party recieved 5% of the total votes between them, but neither party won a single seat due to the screwed up voting system. The Green Party recieved only 1% the total votes, but managed to secure one seat.

After a few days of speculation, David Cameron and the Conservatives agreed to form a coalition with Nick Clegg and the Liberal-Democrats to create what Cameron termed "A Liberal-Conservative Government". So now we have two puppets (both of whom have been compared to Obama) for the price of one. Cameron is Prime Minister and Clegg is his deputy.

On paper these parties shouldn't really be able to find any common ground. They are considered to be on opposite sides of the political spectrum, and the Conservatives are supposed to be Euroskeptics, while the Lib Dems are the most pro-EU of the lot. The fact that they have now joined forces and are now calling themselves "Liberal-Conservative" just proves the entire left-right system is a sham.

The UK is now on track to becoming a one-party state. Whereas before we had the illusion of democracy by electing middle management teams, pretty soon we're not even going to have that.

Now of course Cameron's euroskeptic persona has always been fake. He promised the British people a referendum on the EU treaty, he broke that promise. Now that he's formed a coalition with the most openly globalist of the three main parties, when he starts to go back on other promises and moves us further into the EU, as I'm certain he will, he'll have an excuse.

Elections really are rather depressing when you know how the world is actually run. I got a chuckle out of this though - when Cameron gave his first speech as PM, he said "It's about making sure people are contro- ... in control" - almost slipping up and saying "It's about making sure people are controlled!"

The most frustrating thing about all this is that even though I've managed to expose the election farce to many of my friends, pretty much all of them are ok with it because they're all for globalization. Nothing I say can convince them that organizations like the EU and the UN are not their friends! I think I'm gonna have to make a video called "Why World Government is Bad!"