Sunday, September 17, 2023

Why Are the Skeptics Balking at Disclosure?

Legit whistleblower testimony. Congressional hearings. Military-affirmed UAP footage. What more do skeptics need to believe that alien disclosure is happening right now?

He’s a biased non believer …… My mind is open. His is not. He’s just a debunker because he can not believe in people at all. But I appreciate him trying. 😊 

Whitley Strieber ·
Good thought, Mark! This show seems to have gotten a certain amount of criticism. Just so you understand, Jeremy dances to his own tune, not mine. We disagree about a lot of things, but if you don't keep an open mind, you can't make progress. I thought that a lot of the arguments his guest made were weak, just as many of you did. But I can never forget my wife Anne's wise words: "The human species is too young to have beliefs. What we need are good questions." As I listened, I thought to myself how useful that thought is. This guest definitely needs to ask himself a few more questions, and harder ones, about his beliefs and assumptions. But that works in both directions: so do we all.

I made it 21 minutes in, at 1.25x speed, I have lost patience for people who "think it's very unlikely it's aliens", I'm an experiencer.

It’s likely something more profound then just an alien.

Reviews of my interview, JM Talboo, with Mick West--- Pay close attention kiddos, I trick Mick into admitting conspiracies conducted by powerful people is the norm and not an aberration!

Why Are the Skeptics Balking at Disclosure?