Saturday, September 2, 2023

I have many differences of opinion with these liberal commentators featured below, but they are 100% correct about one thing... If Trump is convicted, Biden should pardon him. History proves it!

I have many differences of opinion with these liberal commentators featured below, but they are 100% correct about one thing... If Trump is convicted, Biden should pardon him. History proves it! 

This is future Biden IF he stops taking NAZI advice!...

"Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future."
---Adolf Hitler

I have many differences of opinion with these liberal commentators, but they are 100% correct about one thing. If Trump is convicted, Biden should pardon him. History proves it! 

Jun 15, 2023 — In pardoning TrumpBiden would be a true statesman. Sparing the country the ordeal of a trial would go a long way toward repairing the nation's ...

This unfortunately is the minority opinion in the lefty sphere, but the slower than molasses masses and their popular take that Trump should rot to death in prison, is a historically ignorant one. Spread the word!

All that being said, Trump is clearly innocent. Logic alone and the objective facts make this crystal clear...

Donald Trump & His Indictment | Anthony Cumia Talks (BEST RANT)---Donald Trump - First Day Out (Rap Song)---FREE TRUMP x Loza Alexander - (Official Music Video)


Obama pardoned many during his Presidency, and his pardons were respected by the American people, although we watched as he pardoned terrorists and criminals threatening this Country.

As liberal media outlets slam President Trump for pardoning Joe Arpaio, the former Arizona sheriff – declaring his actions “unconstitutional” and “racist” – the same outlets have conveniently forgotten just how illicit Obama’s pardons were.

Ramaswamy doubles down on pledge to pardon Trump amid fresh charges

Trump Will Be JAILED In Fulton County, We Are On The BRINK Of Social Collapse---HOW PATRIOTS WILL DEFEAT THE BIDEN WITCH HUNT!!!---Georgia State Sen. Demands Special Session to Impeach Fani Willis, Fulton County DA That Indicted Trump

This is about WAY MORE than Trump at this point. It's about free speech, the rule of law, and weaponized government agencies in desperate need or reform or being shut down all together.

Under Biden’s DOJ, The Rule Of Law In America Has Become A Farce---Biden’s Justice Department and FBI will do anything to keep Trump from regaining the White House, even if it means imitating Nicaragua.

Also, the reason you don't want to jail your political enemies is because it will likely be returned in kind.

I think that the evidence shows Hillary is an individual worthy of being charged, but after Trump didn't attempt to jail her as he promised in a debate I listened to some commentary about how it was for the good of the country and I came to my senses, more on that in a sec. Funny thing is, I found this article by a lefty after Trump said that, wonder how he feels now...

These are the dictators who throw opponents in jail — or worse

The threat of jailing a political opponent is still not something done in a democratic system. It is, however, something done by the leaders of dictatorial states around the globe, as listed below.

When you might go to jail for being a politician, only criminals will run for office. Hmm... maybe they are all criminals damn near right now!?!? Now, that is not to say that no high ranking representative (not "officials" fuck that holy title) ever deserves to go to jail. MANY times they do deserve the clink, the slammer, and the cell key being tossed in the garbage too! In fact, many government criminals have met that fate. But in the upper echelon, and POTUS is where the buck stops, the crimes must be extremely egregious and these charges against Trump are viewed by a great deal of pundits, experts, and citizen as being ridiculous.  As I've said even concerning government 9/11 complicity or conspiracy... 

This is a wonderful proposed way to move forward as a country and achieve justice without destroying our reputation...

Some of the main 9/11 truth movers and shakers have suggested an alternative strategy: a 9/11 Truth and Reconciliation Commission. As you may recall, South Africa set up a truth and reconciliation commission.


Truth and Reconciliation What's the end goal of the fight for 9/11 truth and justice? Is it to see the perpetrators impeached and tried for their crimes, and then sentenced to life in jail? Or executed? I think that's aiming too low. That's not going far enough. Why? Because the gentlemen who carried out 9/11 will likely be replaced by some other corrupt, ruthless folks. Meet the new boss ... same as the old boss. If all we do is punish the perpetrators, the spin will be it was just a "handful of bad apples". This is the same angle that was used on the grunts at Abu Ghraib, even though we now know that the orders for torture in Iraq came from the very top. Sure, the 9/11 perpetrators apparently were at the very top. But a 9/11 criminal prosecution is more likely to sacrifice a couple of small fish than to point to the true ringleaders. Further, many American military, intelligence and political folks are afraid to expose what they know about 9/11 for fear that it will plunge the country into chaos. As someone wrote anonymously in response to a previous essay: "I think this is the key question. What would happen if this great crime were exposed and justice meted out to the many involved? How would the system be rebuilt and who would keep the broken pieces together during the healing process? Without some thought along these lines, many people will see exposing 9/11 as stepping into the abyss."...

As you may recall, South Africa set up a truth and reconciliation commission. The Commission granted amnesty to the people who committed brutal acts of murder and torture under the apartheid regime. I wasn't in South Africa at the time, but my impression is that the Commission helped South Africa heal its incredibly deep wounds quickly. Not only did the victims have a chance to tell their stories, but the people who carried out these horrible acts had a chance to confess in public. Would the same work with 9/11? Maybe so.

Now, if in the course of such a commission specific actions of an individual were deemed to be unforgivable to the point of MASSIVE outcry by those in power, the experts, and the public, then perhaps a few of the culprits might face a worse fate, but this whole situation with this bombastic game show host man with wild hair and a spray on orange tan, is light years away removed from being comparable.

Fulton County Indictment BACKFIRES as Trump’s Polls SURGE!!!---Trump Breaks Internet With STUNNING Ad In Response To Indictment | Chills---Georgia Court Posts Trump RICO Charges, Then DENIES, Insane Corruption------"Fu*k Donald Trump" Rapper Is Now Voting For Him---Timcast IRL - Trump Indictment BACKFIRES, Even Liberals Say ITS BUNK AND Will FAIL w/Dave Smith---NEW 2023 - 2Pac ft. DMX - Facing Death [A.I. Guided]

Trump is right about this and a lot more, he's also wrong about plenty too, but indeed this is a witch hunt and America no longer hunts witches because it's wrong! We can disagree and still get along (I do with almost all of my family and friends) and united we are strong, but most know that. So what's wrong? It's unelected and appointed positions in the power structure. 

We need term limits for and limited direct democracy concerning the CIA and all other alphabet agencies as well as the Supreme Court, end of story, plain and simple and I haven't heard anybody succinctly sum it up like that... so you're welcome. :) There is very little material available regarding the people electing the Supreme Court...

Luckily, I was educated on the issue by this non-voter many moons ago...

Let's get into the weeds a bit, shall we? Well, I shall, because I do not suffer the goldfish like attention span of today's youth and when I was in school I learned fundamentals....... not wokeology. That last link and this one offer up some solutions and activism ideas concerning the education crisis... AKA the dumb kids via dumb adults who are ideologically obsessed teachers crisis. But I digress! To bring things back full circle here I first offer you up this gem of an article...

Nobody I've seen in the talking heads or podcast realms, and I watch a wide variety, ever talks about the glaring problem of the highest court that decides so many of our divisive, hot button, issues being appointed without our say just like the CIA (full circle) and other alphabet boys (and gals) that keep their jobs a long damn time or until they die. There has been at least one insider attempt at term limits for the Burrito Supremes...

That said, Hank Johnson also thought islands could capsize... 

...but he's spot on about the court issue even if for more partisan reasons.

For whatever the hell it may be worth, please contact your reps about drafting and supporting such efforts right after you contact them regarding their cowardice regarding the main issue at hand here...

And you might tell Biden to knock it the hell off, just be careful what you say or his foot soldiers will blow you away! 

FBI KILLS Utah Man Who THREATENED Joe Biden, The US Is Spiraling Out Of Control

I personally would trade the current high court for cardboard cutouts of these Supremes...

...with a magic 8-ball on a table next to them that decides our fate! Since we live in clown world now we might as well lean into it! Here's a link so you can make all personal life decisions like all the other bozos... Or you can go here... But how will you decide which to us!!!???

I think in the documentary 'Idiocracy' a plant was president for awhile, so that trajectory seems about right and come to think of it, maybe direct voting isn't such a bright idea with the slower than molasses masses. But I rather have the task of fixing education and unplugging the sheeple from their idiot box, their tell lie vision, offering up its PROGRAMMING, than to allow these fake holy priest judges to decide anything without our involvement in their appointment. The boob tube is clearly a brainwashing device, but Curse-ive and Spell-ing sound a little suspect too come to think of it. I think Bigfoot has it all figured out! Never strayed from the garden of Eden of the forest that knows nothing of all this evil. Kinda makes you think. Imagine a world with no need for judges! Sounds like heaven with only one judge. No, not God, you! But that's another very complicated story!

How many times will a judge decide my fate Who is he? A bitch nothin' great He takes shits, and fuck his old floppy wife Plays with his balls and judges my life

Georgia State Sen. Demands Special Session to Impeach Fani Willis, Fulton County DA That Indicted Trump

Dr. Jane Ruby: Trump Indictments Are Harbinger of Tyranny to Come

Trump Will Be JAILED In Fulton County, We Are On The BRINK Of Social Collapse---HOW PATRIOTS WILL DEFEAT THE BIDEN WITCH HUNT!!!---Georgia State Sen. Demands Special Session to Impeach Fani Willis, Fulton County DA That Indicted Trump