Monday, September 4, 2023

The Kim Iversen Show LIVE | July 3, 2023---The Shocking Truth About WTC 7 and The Twin Towers: Stunning Evidence Of Controlled Demolition---WTC 7 UPDATE 10 EARLY NEWS REPORTS OF BOMBS

If you watch the full video of the camera crew that went through building 7 before it collapsed, you’ll hear This crazy sounding alarm, I’d never heard anything like it, and noticed it had an interval of pulses... and after listening to it, i noticed that it reduces by one pulse each cycle. I believe it could be a countdown warning for anyone working in the building last minute, like if they were removing important stuff or prepping it to blow, that unless you knew to count the pulses, you wouldn’t realize what was going on. A covert signal for those in on it

Debunking Mick West on Hulsey WTC 7 Report - NIST vs. Reality vs. Hulsey