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9/11: A Coincidence Theory that will not die

 Dear Activists, Researchers, and Friends,

Madhava Setty is one of my favorite Covid and Covid vaccine researchers.  He has also been savvy to the 9/11 false flag. He is an excellent writer and gets his facts straight on both issues.
Note that at the end of this article, he has a link to his original article from September 11, 2019.


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9/11: A Coincidence Theory that will not die

Our son turns fifteen today. And we weep for the millions who have suffered the ravages of pointless military conflict.

Madhava Setty


I will always deeply respect those who risked their lives on 9/11. I honor the sacrifice of my brothers and sisters in the military who left their families under the pretense of protecting democracy around the world. I will forever mourn the millions of lives that were lost from the conflicts that erupted from the events of this day 22 years ago.

It’s incredible to me that just six years ago I had never heard the term “Conspiracy Theory”. I used to listen to the news on NPR on my way to work. My wife and I played along with the “contestants” on “Wait, wait, don’t tell me”, the comedy/news program on Saturday mornings. (We were very good at the game because we knew exactly what the facts were back then). We devoted our Sunday mornings to the New York Times Crossword Puzzle. Our friends did the same thing. We were happy.

Like most Americans on September 11th, we listen to the solemn calls to honor the first responders who lost their lives on this day in 2001. We pray for the soldiers and the innocent who died or were injured in the bloody wars that followed. However we have different ideas about who is to blame for this treachery. This is because my wife brought this video to my attention in October, 2017:

It was a building being blown up. Was it an old hotel in Vegas? It wasn’t. It was the Solomon Brothers Building in Manhattan, also known as World Trade Center 7. It fell on 9/11/2001 at 5:20 PM. It wasn’t hit by a plane. Why had I never known about this building?

Upon initial examination of the video, two things stand out. The building is falling quickly. I found out later that it fell in about seven seconds. This means it fell at a rate that approaches free-fall. If you were standing atop the building at the moment it began to collapse and dropped your keys off the side of the building you would have hit the ground a fraction of a second later than your keys. Think about that. Why did none of the hundreds of thousands of tons of steel and concrete put up any resistance to the fall?

Second, the building is falling symmetrically. This means that the building must have sustained serious and widespread damage prior to its collapse. Even if it did, why did everything give simultaneously?

Did people really think that this building could have fallen on its own from localized damage?

I never knew that there were challenges to the official story until I saw this video. This turned out to be of great benefit. I wasn’t swayed by what third parties were saying about this building. I went straight to the 9/11 Commission Report and the official technical explanations from NIST (the National Institute for Standards and Technology). What was the official explanation?

NIST says that a beam on the twelfth floor became unseated from its supporting column (column 79) due to thermal expansion from the heat of isolated fires. This led to a collapse of the building in an immediate and symmetric fashion.


What about the other columns? There were 80 in total. How could the building fall like that if there was no such process in play anywhere else in the building? How were they able to prove their hypothesis?

NIST claims that they did by building a computer simulation of the building–a finite element analysis. But the model did not behave in the same way as what we observed. How could that support their hypothesis? If anything, they proved themselves wrong! Why would anyone accept what NIST was saying about WTC 7 or anything else about the twin towers after such a claim?

I had friends in engineering and mathematics. I went to them, hoping to have a conversation about the basic principles of kinematics, about how things reliably move based on the forces that were acting upon them. They were amused that I was asking questions and were mildly surprised at NIST’s computer simulation, but as soon as they realized that I was seriously questioning the official story, their ears deafened, their eyes glossed over and their minds closed.

“He’s been watching Conspiracy Theory videos on YouTube!”, they nodded to each other.

Models and math didn’t matter when it came to this. It was impossible that an anesthesiologist could offer any meaningful critique of the National Institute for Standards and Technology, a branch of the Department of Commerce.

That’s when the world as I knew it changed forever. That’s when I realized that I was living in a world where skyscrapers could be blown up on a sunny morning in Manhattan and anyone who asked reasonable questions was dismissed as a wack-job by people who should know better.

I spent whatever free time I had over the next two years speaking to friends, writing about it on social media and occasionally appearing on podcasts. I made a few friends while losing many more.

By January of 2020 it became clear that we didn’t need any more evidence that the official story around 9/11 was complete bunk. It seemed that we needed another massive event, one that was even more audacious than 9/11 that would wake us from our slumber and blind trust in our media and authorities. I prayed that something would happen that would open people’s eyes to the unimaginable duplicity of those we trusted the most. 

Yes. It seems that I may have been responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic…

On September 11, 2019 the Collective Evolution media platform agreed to publish my ten thousand word appeal to reexamine what we have been told around the events of that day in 2001.

Here are the links to the key pieces of information that are woven together in this long and sometimes technical essay:

  1. Some of the bodies pulled from the buildings were broken into 200 separate pieces: NY Times: Medical Examiner’s challenge

  2. George Pataki, then Governor of NY, was mystified about why there was so little concrete left on at ground zero yet lower Manhattan was covered with a blanket of pulverized concrete three inches deep. Here he is on CNN:

  3. CNN reports that it took more than three months to put out the fires despite that Ground Zero was flooded with millions of gallons of water. Fires need an oxygen source. Fires can only burn underwater if a chemical reaction involving oxygen is taking place:


  4. Then Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld and General Richard Meyers (Joint Chiefs of staff Chairman) confirms that four very large exercises involving our air defenses were taking place exactly when the hijacked planes were headed to their targets. The exercises were designed to simulate hijacked planes being used as weapons to fly into buildings:

  5. NIST never explains what happened during the collapse of the twin towers themselves. They instead refer to a speculative paper written by an independent civil engineer and released on September 13, 2001: “Why did the World Trade Center collapse? A simple analysis”

  6. Perhaps one of the most compelling pieces of evidence is David Chandler’s narrated slow motion video of the North Tower collapsing. It clearly shows that large portions of the building were being destroyed below the so-called “crush zone” as the building was demolished. The top of the building, which NIST says was responsible for crushing the rest of the building, is conspicuously absent. I wonder why footage of the collapses was banned from mainstream broadcasts just a few days after the event. Was it out of respect for those who lost their loved ones in the collapses? Or was it because it revealed something about the real mechanism of destruction?

  7. The Twin towers underwent a massive elevator renovation in the months prior to 9/11. Destruction of the central columns was necessary to destroy the twin towers in this manner. The central columns housed the elevator shafts: Twin tower elevator renovation.

  8. Official testimony of 118 Firefighters who all saw, heard or felt explosions prior to the collapse of the twin towers. NIST never bothered to check if there were explosive residues in the dust despite these eye-witness testimonies, yet they unequivocally stated that there were no reports of explosions: Firefighter testimonies

  9. Dozens of Mainstream media platforms reported explosive events in the buildings:

This long essay was the backbone of a book I published in 2020, “WOKE. An Anesthesiologist’s View”. It was my earnest attempt to find a way through the distortions around this event. Here it is in its original form on substack.

Note: Links to some of the video citations are now dead. As we turn our gaze to more calamities that are unfolding around us history, it seems, is being slowly rewritten…

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