Friday, July 28, 2023

Request for Revision of IC911 Point on Alleged 9/11 Hijackings

Roughly a month ago, I submitted a request for revision to the International Center for 9/11 Justice, which they've now published on their Debated Topics Forum. Alongside it, they also published a response from Kevin Ryan. Both papers can be accessed and read at the following link: Or, you can access each paper individually at the following links:

They allow a response to be published within three months of the posted rebuttal, which I plan on writing and submitting in that timeframe. For now though, I encourage people to read both papers and decide who they think is right and makes the better arguments. I thank the International Center for publishing my paper. As I mention in the paper itself, I also thank Adam Fitzgerald, who made me aware of much of the information I included in the paper.