Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Skeptics Society Tag Lines [Satire]

Boredom has prompted me to have some fun parodying the skeptics. I think my banner is much better than the one on the Skeptic Magazine website! I love that quote from Shermer (from the History Channel hitpiece), if he really believes it then it doesn't say much for skepticism! And here's some tag lines I came up with for The Skeptics Society. Other contributors feel free to add your own.

"The Skeptics Society: Because believing powerful people get together and plot ways to get more power is irrational!"

"The Skeptics Society: Everything's a Coincidence!"

"The Skeptics Society: Because it's a common rookie mistake to confuse explosive nanotechnology with paint!"

"The Skeptics Society: Don't believe the anti-establishment conspiracy theories - believe the pro-establishment conspiracy theories!"

"The Skeptics Society: Forensic proof of explosives is not enough to prove the 9/11 conspiracy, but a few mined quotations and a typo is enough to prove the 'Intelligent Design = Creationism' conspiracy!"

"The Skeptics Society: There's no god - because we're assholes!"

"The Skeptics Society: We haz cumpyutr simulayshuns!"

"The Skeptics Society: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy!"

"The Skeptics Society: Not only did we come up with the joke, but we also slayed a dragon and defeated an army of jew robots. Your egos are just too out of whack to accept the truth!"