Monday, March 20, 2023

Moon Landing Fraud - Smoking Gun - MM4---"WHAT'S GOING ON WITH APOLLO?" WITH MARCUS ALLEN

In this video series talk show host Gary Anderson, operator of the You Tube channel "NIGHT DREAMS TALK RADIO" interviews Marcus Allen on a variety of subject material that NASA refuses to answer. Marcus has been waiting for over twenty years for a reply. Will he receive one? You be the judge.

There are lot of damning points of evidence that go against the official narrative. The most recent one I have run across is the fact that photographic film is always heavily damaged in a vacuum. The emulsion on the film surface would be ruined. There is no questioning this fact. And the cameras they used were not pressurized. It it therefore impossible that the claimed equipment could have produced ANY of the pictures we saw. That single point completely ruins the official account when it comes to the photographs.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather2 blog, September 19, 2022.]