Friday, March 10, 2023

Satan in the Smoke, 20 Years After

Satan in the Smoke was one of the first electronic viral images. Sent over email before social media, the image appeared in millions of inboxes across the country. My website crashed from the million hits it received. The image was vilified as fake by major news organizations, I had to approach Olympus Cameras and have them verify the authenticity of the digital capture. I have never sold the image to the public until now. On the nineteenth anniversary of 9/11 during COVID-19, I watched the ceremony from Connecticut. It was hard to find it on television, and I became very sad as the names were recited. I looked at Andrea and said, “I have to go to the Tower of Light tonight.” At 4:30am on the Louis Valentino Pier in Red Hook, I saw the clouds come down and capture the lights above the city in a view I have never seen before as New York City triumphantly brought the Tower of Light tribute back to the skies above Ground Zero after first announcing its cancellation due to the pandemic. I felt a calmness and relief I have not had since the attack occurred. These pictures were meant to be shown together...

Michael & The Exorcist: "I Saw Her Crawl Up A Wall" | Fr. Dan Reehil---Michael & The Exorcist: "I Saw Her Crawl Up A Wall" | Fr. Dan Reehil---Interview with an Exorcist (Fr Vincent Lampert)