Sunday, July 22, 2018

Socialistacrats And Silicon Valley Strangle Free Speech

Editor's Note: In the following video Congressman Deutch asks the Facebook stooge how she is "dealing with all these conspiracy theorists on your platform?" I have a few questions for this supposed representative of the people...

Why are you concerned that people are exercising their right to free speech by, as you said, talking about "terror related conspiracy theories" like the ones alleging government complicity in the "Oklahoma city attacks in 1995"?

Did you know that it has been... Confirmed: FBI Got Warning Day Before OKC Bombing?

New documents released under the Freedom of Information Act confirm that the FBI received a phone call the day before the Oklahoma City bombing warning that the attack was imminent, and that the feds tried to reach a deal with bomber Terry Nichols to take the death penalty off the table if he admitted making the call.

Did you know that witnesses to the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing stated on record that that they had seen Bomb Squad officials in the area before the blast?...

Did you know government documents prove the CIA invented and weaponized the term "conspiracy theory?"

“Conspiracy theory” is a CIA-coined term that since the 1960s has become a well-used and effective disciplinary device that has been overwhelmingly useful in defining certain events and areas of inquiry off limits to debate and imputing insanity on the part of the proponent. Especially in the United States and today raising legitimate questions about fanciful "official narratives" is deemed a major thought crime that must be cauterized from the public psyche at all costs. Infra, please find the official document and directive that got the how shebang roaring out of control.

Socialistacrats And Silicon Valley Strangle Free Speech