Friday, July 13, 2018

12 Russian intel officers indicted in special counsel's probe - Why This Story CAN'T Be True: The DNC Denied The FBI Access To Their Servers To Look For Russian Hacking - DNC Emails Were Copied To Flash Drive NOT Over the Internet - Isn’t it amazing how this is announced 1 day after The congressional hearing? Funny how that happens. And just before the meeting with Putin. They are trying to deflect attention from the congressional oversight committee hearing and sabotage the upcoming meeting all in one.

This guy has no credibility. Sounds like Agent Smith without the cool sunglasses.


They indict people they know won't ever show up to argue the charge ...... 

Lisa Bills 

Isn’t it amazing how this is announced 1 day after The congressional hearing? Funny how that happens. 

andrea bella Lisa Bills yes. 

And yes. They think we’re stupid 

C Gall 2

WEASEL -- LYING WEASEL, just another soros/oweblunder Puppet. 

Stephen Gleason 

And the day before Trump meets with Putin.

Dennis Walker Lisa Bills 

And just before the meeting with Putin . They are trying to deflect attention from the congressional oversight committee hearing and sabotage the upcoming meeting all in one .


Rosenstein’s crooked as the day is long. Lost our trust altogether. Resign 1


Well well well. More deflection and bs. 



Greg Janes

Rosenstein thinks this justifies his actions. No special counsil was needed for this. DOJ office of Subversion of the United States director Rosenstein. 

PaPa Brad SOG 


andrea bella 

“Oh no, Strzok failed at his hearing, we have to cover our tails. Let’s have a press conference and feed the American people some bS to confuse them. Cause they’re so stupid, they’ll believe anything we tell them” 

Greg Janes 

Joke, just not a funny one. 

John Smith 

I thought you were not allowed to comment on an ongoing investigation. Apparently you can if it suits your political agenda 

Lauren Emory

Isnt it amazing that they can reach this conclusion without ever having access to the DNC and Clinton computers or interviewing the witnesses who had knowledge and offered to testify!!!!!!!  

Joel Spring 

A Hail Mary pass by Mueller that will likely backfire. The Russains didn't hack the DNC. 

John Smith

I thought you were an allowed to talk specifics about an ongoing investigation


Woopty Doo! many countries try to influence elections in many different ways, even USA 


Grandstander.. if the DNC didn't have anything to hide there wouldn't be anything to steal  


There needs to be a massive amount of people fired in these government agencies. They have been conspiring against the American people for years. 

Rick Young 

AND STILL NO COLLISION WITH TRUMP AND THE RUSSIANS...this crap has been going on forever under Obuma russia bots...Congrats 

Keep It Real 

It’s already been proven, beyond doubt, that the DNC server “hack” could not possibly been accomplished over the internet. More lies from the Deep State. Rosenstein still pushing a false narrative. 

Maryland Bass Hunter 

Indicting Russians that won't show. What is going on with Mueller and the Russians that actually showed up. Last I heard he didn't want to give them the evidence they had on them because of his investigation. Last time I checked ALL information needs to be sent to the defendants so they can prepare for their case. That is how our country operates. This is just a front to keep the Mueller investigation relevant. They know they will never show up. I also find it interesting that Rosenstein said it didn't matter who they were targeting. I bet if it was Hillary they would have stated that. 

andrea bella 

Looks like Congress might’ve scared Rosentein and Mueller? You think? 

Doctor Fantastic

DNC's and Hillary's servers were never examined...The investigation is the cover-up! FAKE NEW! 


Oddly coincidental that he mentions Guccifer 2.0 right after the Seth Rich thing a few days ago... He had the sweaty lip thing going and was swallowing like crazy like he was nervous as hell... I don't believe in coincidences... 

Eagle Whitefeather01 

Does anyone here speak Russian? Do you think MSM will try to get the Russian side of the story? Of course not. The media will never get close enough. We obviously cant trust the DOJ. How do we know these 12 even exist?


A Joke Laugh Laugh Laugh. If comes from DOJ FBI no cred. Only subversion. Skipping Stone Skipping Stone 1 minute ago OLD MISLEADING NEWS. NO ONE WILL BE IN COURT. IM VERY DISAPOINTED IN THE FBI kipstalforce 


Oh look, they found the real criminals, why does this remind me of the OJ debacle 


Whatever comes from his mouth, it's a lie! He is representing the Swamp. Trevor Gardner Trevor Gardner 3 minutes ago "Russia timed the release of Hillary's emails to affect the election." he said in his perfectly timed press conference meant to affect the president's diplomatic efforts with Russia. 

Steve Blurton 

As we can see from all of the comments, no one is fooled by the BS from the DOJ snd the FBI. 

Pamela E

They should all go to jail for wasting our time and money. Do they have proof this time? Real or manufactured? Why do my eyes roll back in my head every time I listen to RR speak? 

Elizabeth Johnson 

So Rosestein said that his Agency follows the rule of law then why was Peter Strok using his work phone to text his lover about our President Donald J.Trump ???? You know that is forbidden in the workplace especially when you work for the Federal Bureau Agency.... 

Branden Bird 

Here we go with the big cover-up. 

Stephen Gleason 

It's all a SET-UP. F this creep. 

1.1680 Up 

Good, but did it change VOTING counts? NO? The oBama admin knew about it??? 

c s 

Same old claim no evidence ever brought. You never even took the server. Better get obama he is on tape telling illegals to vote. Same old lies from the same old liars. 

wayne easton 

Next they will come out and say Russia put secret server in Hillary's basement without her knowledge lol 

Terry Bruce day after the FBI lovers hearings were headlining, and 2 days before Trump meets with Putin...I wonder how long that little weasel sat on that...such a coincidence :) 

dartsman 501

And we should care what that disgraced dirtbag has to say? 

John Kiene John Kiene 

Phony indictments, phony Russian interference, phony FBI and their boss the DOJ. Not buying it. major fail and just red meat for the leftist media 

Truth Teller

What about the Hacks by Homeland Security? They used bogus Russian IP addresses? This is just another useless smokescreen to protect Hillary! RR is guilty of treason and Sedition 

Ken Marshmallow

Look how hard he is sweating...... He knows that President Trump is 2 steps ahead of the fbi/doj corruption. Rosenstein knows he isn't gonna get away with his role in it... Nor shall Strzok, Page or Comey. 

Anthony William Rich Jr 

What are the 12 Officers Names ? Are they even real people or Just more made up Bullshit ? 


It’s hard to take Rosentien seriously.. 

The trumpet will sound 

I am sickened by this man and his duplicity. 


Rosenstein speaks just like Obama. They probably smell the same and have no bias... 

brian newsom 

Ok but where is the Russian collusion. News flash there isn't any 

Mihaela Andreeva 

Yes . The president is away, 1 day after Peter " the gangster testimony, and here we are another criminal and traitor has set up a press conference !! Just MINDBLOWING 

Huntersmoonx Grim

So the Democrats were so incompetent with our personal information and secrets (HRC EMAILS & DNC SERVER) that they let the Russians hack them. They are embarrassed so they try and blame Trump and the RNC. The DNC should not be trusted with any citizen data. This all happened on Obama's and Hillary's watch. They and the DNC should be disbanded for incompetance. 

Gary Hanson





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