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Russia Didn't Do It - A Letter to Australian Senator Craig Kelly Over Comments Made About the MH17 Shoot Down

Hello Senator Kelly,

Recently you copped a lot of flak for saying that we should “look over” the MH17 incident when it comes to the rebuilding of US-Russian relations.
I am writing to inform you that the Russians most likely had nothing to do with the incident.  

A review of the evidence shows that two possibilities exist. That the aircraft was brought down accidentallyby an air-to-air missile or that the aircraft was deliberately brought down by an air-to-air missile. The former possibility would be a Ukrainian assassination attempt gone wrong on President Putin’s aircraft that flew near to this area an hour or so earlier (the colour schemes of both aircraft are similar), while the latter possibility would be the deliberate downing of a commercial airliner in order to vilify the rebels and Russia.
The reason I have concluded that an air-to-air missile was used, and not a large ground-launched BUK system, is the lack of damage inflicted upon the aircraft. All interested parties agree, due to triangulation of the shrapnel impacts, that the warhead detonated a few meters from the cockpit. The problem is that tests done in Russia with a real BUK warhead saw much larger damage patterns with warhead fragments flying clean through one side of the cockpit and out the other. This sort of damage was not seen in the wreckage of MH17. 
'MH17 crash' test simulation video: Il-86 plane cockpit hit with BUK missile
Furthermore, the Dutch led investigation claimed that butterfly shaped shrapnel was used in the warhead, recovering such fragments from the pilots bodies. However actual tests with such warheads always leave butterfly shaped holes in the aircraft skin and none were seen in the MH17 wreckage. This sort of discrepancy points to fraud conducted by the Dutch in this case. It also casts doubt on the claim they recovered parts of the BUK missile from the crash site, as opposed to getting parts from the Ukrainian authorities that have this weapon in their inventory. 
Here is the Dutch public presentation, that is very light when it comes to discussing the forensics: 
Dutch Safety Board MH17 final report (FULL VIDEO)
It should be further noted that the Dutch did not perform any physical tests in order to replicate what happened to MH17, they only ran computer simulations that showed blast patterns too small to be from a large BUK warhead. 
I recommend you review the full Russian Arms manufacturer investigation into this incident. Nothing that they have put forward here has been disproved. Their conclusion was that perhaps an older model BUK warhead was used in the incident, not using butterfly shrapnel, a type the Russian army no longer employs. Their presentation data actually shows that the warhead used was much smaller than the alleged BUK – which is why I strongly suspect an air-to-air weapon.
Russian arms manufacturer Almaz-Antey delivers MH17 report
In fact there were witnesses that said they saw a fighter-sized “military jet(s)” flying in the region at the time MH17 came down – aircraft that carry air-to-air missiles. This is something the Ukraine authorities deny happened. Nevertheless, BBC Russia correspondents interviewed people on the ground who said they saw these jets:
Deleted BBC Russia MH17 report about 'Ukrainian military jets' (Eng Subs)
Adding to what appears to be a cover-up is the US refusal to release their spy satellite images of the area in the minutes after the incident. The Russians requested the US release their satellite images of the crime scene and Washington refused. A US satellite was right overhead at the time and would have easily seen the launch vehicle and the distinctive smoke trail from the missile. This smoke trail should have also been seen by witnesses for many miles around and would have appeared on cell phone videos and photographs - but wasn't. How is it that we have clear satellite imagery of Russian aircraft deployed in Syria and yet nothing for this incident?
When it comes to the Ukrainian Government claims about recordings of the rebels “admitting” to the shoot down, the recording they have appears to have been spliced together and it only shows that the rebels on the ground thought they had downed the aircraft. Having shot down other aircraft in the region (low altitude attack aircraft and transport planes using short range missiles), this was a logical assumption to make. It is not proof they were responsible. 
Timeframe: Expert dissects Ukraine's MH17 'smoking gun'
The Ukraine government also claimed there were videos showing a BUK missile launcher in rebel held areas missing a missile. However, the film in question comes from a time where the Ukrainian Government was in control of the area, well before the MH17 incident:
 "BUK" in Zugres
Mr Kelly, Russia has been falsely accused of this incident because key (corrupt) people within the Western power structure want to ramp up another Cold War. They will take advantage of any situation to do so, like they took advantage of the 911 attacks in order to attack Iraq, concocting connections between Saddam's Iraq and the threat of an al Qaeda WMD attack. 
Rather than “look over” what happened with the MH17 incident I would call for further investigations – calling on physical tests using BUK warheads AND air-to air missile warheads that would show the damage done to the aircraft was due to a smaller missile (thus ruling out the BUK hypothesis, and demolishing the Dutch investigators’ fraudulent case).  

When it comes to obfuscating the truth about aircraft shoot downs or crashes there are precedents – most notably the cover-up of the TWA Flight 800 incident that occurred on the same date (17/7) in 1996. Recently NTSB investigators came out and admitted the FBI doctored evidence to hide the fact that TWA 800 had been shot down (by accident, via the US Navy most likely). 

Thanks for your attention

Ps. It’s likely our intelligence services know full well what happened here, but are playing along for geopolitical reasons.
PPs. For more on TWA Flight 800 start with: Silenced: Flight 800 And The Subversion Of Justice (2001) and then, New Evidence on TWA Flight 800 Disaster Revealed in Documentary - Megyn Kelly Reports - 6/19/13 

This email was forwarded to ABC News Radio with the following intro:

Dear News Radio,

I recently sent a letter to Senator Craig Kelly about his comments on the MH17 shoot down. I told him we should look further into this incident because the physical evidence shows the Russians likely didn't do it and that the official investigation/narrative offered up by the West is a sham. Also, your coverage of the Trump-Putin meeting, stupidly pushing the mainstream media line that Trump trusts Russia more than the FBI, is ridiculous. The people squawking this rhetoric are crooked establishment types and dodgy politicians (all of whom hate Trump and are spinning what happened). Your coverage is Grossly Biased and I call on you to air opposing viewpoints which point out the FBI and CIA have histories of lying and distorting. 

When it comes to the US election hacking the fact is that the FBI has made a number of unfounded assertions about a hack whereas Wikileaks and experts like Bill Binney, formerly of the NSA, point out that the emails were leaked (not hacked). 

Here is my letter to Senator Craig Kelly. Please follow up and properly investigate what happened with MH17 rather than have spin doctoring foreign correspondents (like Matt Brown) fudge what happened:

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