Wednesday, June 20, 2018

TRUMP TO SIGN NEW IMMIGRATION BORDER POLICY - Donald Trump Previews Executive Action to Keep Illegal Immigrant Families Together


Policy described as pre-emptive maneuver regarding family separation

...It was not immediately clear what Trump, who had previously blamed the family separations on Democrats, would sign. An earlier report from Fox News Channel said the Trump administration was considering an executive order that would allow immigrant families who cross the border illegally to stay together longer than is currently permitted.


Donald Trump Previews Executive Action to Keep Illegal Immigrant Families Together

...“We have compassion, we want to keep families together. It’s very important,” Trump said. “I’ll be signing something in a little while that’s going to do that and the people in this room want to do that and they’re working on various pieces of legislation to get it done.”...
The president admitted that his executive action might not hold up in the courts, but cited former President Barack Obama’s DACA executive amnesty as an inspiration.
 “When he signed it, he said I’m really not allowed to sign it, I’m going to sign it anyway,” he said commenting that several judges actually held up the legality of Obama’s executive action...
Trump said he wanted more legal immigrants coming into the United States based on merit.
“We’re going to need those people because we have so many companies coming to the country,” he said.
Trump reminded the members that many smugglers were traveling with unrelated children to make it easier to enter the country.
aKa Randy Yonkers WinterBlues(Peace Lover)
Sure let the human traffickers stay with "their kids" in the same place... but NO More Catch and Release !! No more gaming the system !! Trump's got a heart... and a brain !

M Wayne aKa Randy Yonkers
So am I to understand that the Democrats have just "forced" the President to sign an executive order officially ending catch and release?

Kenneth Wright aKa Randy Yonkers
Yes.. and they will try and spin it again since what they really want is catch and release back. This has absolutely nothing to do with keeping children with their supposed parents.

These globalist freaks want open borders and that is what this boils down too: Open borders and the destruction of the Nation State.

Kenneth Wright MarlboroDaMan
That's part of it but this goes much deeper.

This is all about open borders at the end of the day, period. 

Voting block and cheap labor? Yup.. but that's only the tip of the iceberg.  

There are people in high places that want the Nation State destroyed and them in charge of it all. Make no mistake.


Hillary Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi, Obama, and Other Democrats All Agree with Trump’s Immigration Plan!

Editor's Note: Of course all of this apparent hypocrisy is really just evidence that the Dems were simply paying the issue lip service, with no real intentions of doing anything, which they didn't. Case in point, Hillary says in the video clips that she does "think you do have to control your borders" and was in favor of a "build the physical barrier" (AKA build the wall) policy. However, Wikileaks revealed that in private Clinton stated, "My Dream Is a Hemispheric Common Market with Open Trade and Open Borders."

As was revealed in a candid moment a few years ago by another anti-trumper, Chris Matthews: 'Let's face it,' Democrats want illegal immigrants for the votes. With the population as it currently stands, the Democrats have lost the argument in this countryas it pertains to the fundamental tenets of secular, globalist, liberalism. Since the 60's, any strides progressivism has made in the US has been due to backlash at bad governance by conservatives, but the past 30 years has demonstrated that the American people prefer center-right ideas over the ideology of the Democratic Party.

The most glaring evidence of this, is the Demonrats insistence on giving illegals preference over American citizens. The reason they do this is clear. The demographics prove that bringing in large amounts of Hispanics as well as third-world immigrants, who by and large vote for failed big government policies, as epitomized by the collapse of socialist Venezuela, is a huge gain for the Democrats. Trump is right that illegal immigrants voting is a real issue, just as anchor babies voting is another, and DACA recipients being legalized and getting voting rights is yet another. Well, these are not real issues of concern if you are a Democrat, because if the native population has seen through your bullshit, then just replace them with others who have not gotten the memo yet!

Democrats All Agree with Trump’s Immigration Plan! 😆

The Ingraham Angle 6/19/18 - The Trump Administration is Actually Trying to Protect These Children and Cracking Down on Human Smugglers

The Ingraham Angle 6/19/18 - The Trump Administration is Actually Trying to Protect These Children and Cracking Down on Human Smugglers

Colin Kelley (edited)
I think it is much worse than what Laura said. Attacking us is how the Democrats defend themselves. Until Trump became President, DACA under Obama was a criminal enterprise. EVERYTHING THEY HAVE BEEN TELLING US ABOUT DACA IS A LIE. DACA was part of a government sanctioned child trafficking criminal enterprise. The people who were caught at the border who were trafficking children were coached on what to say and were handed over to DACA. Or the children were brought to the border and abandoned knowing they would be picked up by DACA. The adult gang members, who were caught, were enrolled as DACA KIDS. The real kids were then handed over to USA Cartel traffickers and the records were scrubbed and Obama's operation systematically, intentionally lost track of them.

Most of the DACA kids have NOT been attending schools. They were trafficked and abused. There were a few who were not being trafficked who were enrolled in the program and they did attend school. But most of the DACA kids were abused and practially all are now dead. The average child who is trafficked and abused dies within two years. 80,000 kids a year, worldwide are kidnapped. THAT MEANS TWO YEARS LATER 80,000 KIDS DIE FROM BEING ABUSED. 80,000 A YEAR !!!! HOW MANY OF THOSE KIDS ARE IN THE USA. Most are third world orphans or "street kids" (which is to say, orphans who are living on the street and are fending for themselves). There is no documentation and nobody is going to miss them. A few are kidnapped from good families. Until Trump came along DACA was a Criminal Enterprise. Now they are piling up and Trump is trying to figure out how to deal with it -- that is good for the kids.

The Clinton Foundation was also trafficking children from real orphanages. This is what was going on in Haiti. Obama and Clinton are MONSTERS.

Chris Djernaes
Laura is the Best ... Brilliant Truth and Facts versus socialist DEMs BIG LIEs, psychotic emotionalism and absurd hypocrisy We can have a Sovereign Country or we can have Open Borders. BUT We cannot have both.


Over 2,300 Suspected Sex Offenders Arrested in Nationwide Operation

More than 2,300 suspected online child sex offenders were arrested during a three-month nationwide operation conducted by the Internet Crimes Against Children task forces, the Justice Department announced Tuesday.

The task forces identified 195 offenders who either produced child pornography or committed child sexual abuse, as well as 383 children who suffered recent, ongoing or historical sexual abuse or who were used in the production of child pornography, according to a DOJ statement.

The 61 ICAC task forces — located in all 50 states and comprising more than 4,500 federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies — led the operation known as “Broken Heart” during March, April, and May.

The task forces investigated more than 25,200 complaints of technology-facilitated crimes against children and delivered more than 3,700 presentations on internet safety to over 390,000 youth and adults.

The crack down on these sickos is a direct result of the Trump Presidency. You did not see this sort of action happening during the Bush or Obama years, when it was known such activity was occurring. Indeed there is (strong) evidence to suggest that both Bush and Obama were involved with, or connected to, paedophilia (Bush Sr and the Franklin Scandal/ Bush Jr. & Jeff Gannon plus Obama, Clinton and the Podesta connection to Pizzagate).


Thousands Of Online Pedophiles Arrested In Operation ‘Broken Heart’

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, June 15th, 2018.]