Thursday, June 28, 2018

Racists Celebrate: Breaking: Research study shows white deaths exceed births in majority of US states!

For the sake of argument, let's ignore the facts about slavery, the founding of the USA, and the questions surrounding and widely agreed upon stats regarding the death toll of Nazism vs Communism. Let's say that the things happening to white people shown in this post is karma in motion as many contend. Let us not ponder things like if maybe white people aren't reincarnating, or just don't have babies under harsh economic conditions, etc. Remember then, that karma is a wheel that comes back around and that if you don't at some point say enough is enough, it will come back to you hard! Stopping it early is always a good idea, as in being better to someone than they were to you when the tables were turned. If this is what is going on, I hope it's not too late.

Breaking: Research study shows white deaths exceed births in majority of US states!

Jazz and Justice
I saw that NY Times article yesterday too. Welp, that's what they get for always wagging their fingers at black people and ignoring their own issues. I have absolutely NO sympathy for them.


They would have been gone a long time ago...It's our genes and our resources that have been keeping them live. Stop sleeping with them to accelerate the process.


It's called judgement. I'm glad you clarified the 50-100 yrs, at this rate I'll be surprised if Yahshua hasn't returned in 20 years (or less). The plagues of Egypt is upon them, we ain't seen nothing yet. They're already dropping like flies from drug overdose. Wait till the economic collapse. Or Nibiru aka Wormwood causing them to inject themselves with melanin. The wise would avoid them at all costs, bc lightning is about to strike. And I'mma be over there 👉👉👉👉

They think Integration is breeding us out, but it’s actually breeding them out because there is plenty of black love creating black babies still.

Laina Pereira Laina Pereira
The Path of totally is the top line of those states experience this problem. You think they will repent and stop there behavior?

Mrs. Consciou
Great TOPIC TODAY wonderful just wonderful lol

Tony Jackson
I love it

Tony Jackson
your time is running out white people

What if the U.S. white Population Decline Isn't Declining Quite as Much as They SAY?...

Kimberly Fraizer
I wish them Caucus mountains would come and suck their behinds back up in there never to be seen or heard from again."

Antoinette Hill
This thought has ran across my mind too, but I hope they are dying out

Lisa Green
Off topic ,Serena swirling Williams done gave birth to a half breed cave beast seed baby girl!! Just Wrong!!!😕

Chocolate Chip

The Radical Sister
Yes. That's my general conclusion, too. They're not out of this battle.

Gregory Worthington
Well let us pray for a faster declining!

Official Tru-Dru
Not true more Europeans are flocking to the US in Droves to repopulate the White Race in the US. Whites are dying off Worldwide Blacks must stay together to be fruitful and multiply the Earth.

I have had a feeling they were lying about how drastic the decline was for awhile now, This is why I say we should not pay these people any attention and do our own thing, we should unite and start building our own better society because their downfall depends on what we do as it always have. If they don't have us to leech off of then they will surely fall because the 1% damn sure do not give a damn about them. We unite and start building our own economy and build brand new communities off by ourselves away from all threats and they will perish in no time. B1.

Janice Lewis

That would be unfortunate (if the title is true). THEN we would need to make sure that they have greater access to Oxycontin and cheap heroin. Or MAYBE it's time black people FINALLY grew a pair and started ending Caucamales, OURSELVES!! Cut off the HEAD...the body DIES!! One way or another THESE beasts...MUST go! One way or is THEIR time to end!!

Dior Ayers 2 weeks ago
If there was ever to be a race war, all of the other minorities, who are part of the 12 tribes and some who are not would all back the blacks. People are sick, tired, etc. and would gladly band together against the oppression. That's why they want to take our guns away so they can turn theirs on us with the international army that they're gonna bring in. Time is running out, but they are now being exposed and there is a lot of infighting amongst the Gentile nations so they can't man us like they want to. This is all in the prophesies.


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