Friday, June 15, 2018

IG Report: Comey Insubordinate but not Political ... BULLSHIT!

Comey, who took memos on Trump and not Obama, who leaked classified material to get a special prosecutor appointed, who usurped the role of Attorney General and exonerated Hillary after outlining her crimes on the basis of a made up standard of "no intent," and who had four daughters and his wife go to the women's march, was politically motivated.


IG Report Page 89 - Obama Lied - Communicated with Hillary Clintons' Illegal Unsecured Server:

Mark Levin Debunks Liberal Media Spin on the Inspector General Report Which Debunks Itself! No Political Bias? Only Anti-Trump/Pro-Hillary FBI Officials Mentioned in Report! - Mark Levin: Not a single pro-Trump FBI agent in IG report: