Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Murder of Journalist Michael Hastings

News reports said he was traveling at 100 miles per hour and his car exploded when he hit a tree.
Wrong and wrong.

Video analysis by a physics professor says he was traveling less than 40 mph and his car exploded before he hit a tree and the engine and drive train were found over 100 feet away – behind where the car hit the tree, a physical impossibility from a collision. Multiple explosions were reported.

Hastings body was cremated after the official autopsy – against the wishes of the family.

Hours before he died, Hastings told friends he was under investigation by the FBI for a story he was doing about Obama’s then terrorism czar, who later became the head of the CIA: John Brennan, architect of the black ops assassination program.

The FBI denied this. The FBI was found to be lying. (Surprise, surprise.)

The story didn’t pass the “smell test” with the local TV news, but their detailed and thoroughly researched concerns was 100% ignored by national news reports.


Proof Michael Hastings was Murdered by Car Bomb! He Contacted WikiLeaks Hours before Death!   

If you cannot view the video, click the video title for a link.

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