Thursday, December 18, 2014

Torture: Now American As Apple Pie?


Dear Friends and Activists,

We just did an extensive interview for OpEdNews, the premiere site
for progressive news and discussion, on the relevance of the Senate
torture report, and we invite you to check it out.

And in this message we will further expound. The most important and
latest revelation to come out of this has been the response of
current CIA director Brennan, who asserted that whether torture led
to good actionable intelligence or not was, in his words,


After swearing up and down to us for a decade that absolutely,
positively the best and most critical intelligence came from
torturing people, now all of a sudden, now that the long stymied
Senate report found exactly the opposite, now their fallback lie is
that we can never really know the true and accurate answer as to the
effectiveness of torture.

Never mind that all those sworn declarations we heard before came
from the torturers themselves by way of justifications.

Never mind that the CIA went out of their way to destroy important
evidence (video tapes of the actual torture).

Never mind that all true interrogation professionals have always
known that torture does NOT work.

Never mind that even if torture did work, it would still be
reprehensible for a civilized country to practice it.

And never mind that the CIA's entire mission is knowing things, but
now they claim they can't ever know anything about this (translated:
they simply won't tell us).

But worst of all, the reason we tortured people was not to protect
the American people, to get good intelligence, or anything like that.
No, the real reason we tortured people was to get the false
confessions to justify the criminal invasion of Iraq, to seize
strategic control of their oil fields, which has destroyed the
stability of the Middle East, even such as it was, and the decades of
blowback we are just starting to suffer as a result is our prize. Oh,
did we mention lining the pockets of associates of the torturers with
tons of no-bid contract booty?

We would be remiss to point out that this is the precise case made by
our first dramatic full length feature film, The Last War Crime,
which has been censored in every possible way since we completed it
over 2 years ago. But you can get a copy of the DVD screener to see
for yourself from the page for our new film, Citizens United, The
Movie, itself just about completed.

The Last War Crime screeners:

So please stay tuned. Lots more insightful commentary coming soon,
including the 12th installment in our Hobby Lobby errors series, "The
Religious Rights Of Incorporated States," and much more.

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