Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Call/Write/Protest - Stop the Bombing!

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As you know, last night the U.S. bombed Syria in what is likely to become another long war in the Middle East.  Last year, we forced the Obama administration to rightfully ask Congress for authorization to bomb Syria.  That authorization never came because of staunch public and congressional opposition.  Now there is a new target and mission. Yet, there are three reasons to pause and oppose these bombings. 

First, it is unclear whether these bombings are legal under international law.  Second, the Obama Administration claims it has Constitutional authorization from the 2001 congressional vote after 9/11, but not all in Congress agree.  And lastly, expert upon expert say that military escalation will fail to solve these problems in the long run (even the CIA is skeptical).

Please take a few moments and call your Representative and both Senators at (202) 224-3121 and say:

“I am a constituent and I want Congress to fully debate a new authorization (AUMF) that deals with Syria, Iraq and ISIS.  And when the vote comes, I want you to vote no.”

Under Article 51 of the UN Charter, a country under attack has the right of self-defense, but that only applies to actual or imminent armed attacks, not potential or possible attacks.  The U.S. claims it was thwarting terrorists from the Khorasan Group from a plot on America. Yet we don’t know the details of this so-called imminent attack.  What was the weapon?  When were they going to use it, and where?

Pick up the phone and call your Representative and both Senators at (202) 224-3121 and use the script above.

Congress has not voted on a war authorization regarding terrorism since 2001.  Things have changed and many members in Congress agree it is time to have a full and fair debate and for Congress to take back its Constitutional authority to declare war.  This debate and vote should happen ASAP.

Your calls to your Representative and both Senators at (202) 224-3121 can make a difference.  Use the script above.

President Obama is right when he says that there is no military solution to ISIS.  Yet it seems that most of the U.S. energy is directed towards a failed military strategy.  Already there are reports of innocent women and children being killed in the U.S. attack last night.  We know this tends to create more enmity toward our country.  Regional diplomacy that includes the UN and efforts to end the Syrian civil war, cutting off ISIS’s oil revenues and access to weapons, and humanitarian aid to refugees in Iraq and Syria will be far more effective in dealing with ISIS and other terrorists than military escalation.

Make three calls to your Representative and both Senators at (202) 224-3121.  Use the script above.

Finally, we need to take a step back and get at the root of terrorism by supporting tolerance, education, poverty alleviation and justice.  Additionally, limiting the amount of lethal weapons that end up being used by the wrong people will remove some of the fuel from the terrorist fire.
Humbly for Peace,
Kevin Martin
Executive Director
Peace Action
P.S. - Make your voice heard to your Representative and both Senators at (202) 224-3121 and tell them:

“I am a constituent and I want Congress to fully debate a new authorization (AUMF) that deals with Syria, Iraq and ISIS.  And when the vote comes, I want you to vote no.”

Take Action:

Call Your Rep Now to Stop the Bombing (202) 224-3121


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Emergency protest: Don't bomb Iraq, Don't bomb Syria. Lobby your MP.
  • Protest Downing Street. 5.30pm Thursday 25th September.
  • Lobby your MP. Use our model letter to write to your MP. It takes 2 minutes.
Tony Blair, David CameronDavid Cameron is planning to recall parliament on Friday to push through a vote for the UK to join the US in bombing Isis in Iraq and possibly Syria.

If this vote passes British forces will be back in action in Iraq just three years after the last troops were withdrawn from the catastrophic occupation of 2003-11. The development comes in the same week Tony Blair called for renewed bombing in the region and the possibility of boots on the ground.

All the experience of the terrible wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya has shown that western military action only serves to kill innocents, destroy infrastructure and inflame violence.

Isis is a reactionary force, but it is in part a product of the disastrous occupation of Iraq by Western powers. Isis is funded by some of our main allies in the region, including Saudi Arabia. Escalating Western military intervention will do nothing to stop them but will create more suffering and further destabilise the region.

Stop the War is calling on our supporters to protest this Thursday evening outside Downing Street from 5.30pm till 7.30pm. Nearest tubes: Westminster and Charing Cross.
We are also asking supporters to immediately lobby their MPs to vote against bombing.

Stop the War Coalition | office@stopwar.org.uk | 020 7561 4830