Thursday, August 18, 2011

The truth and the authority

Watching AE911Truth's new mini movie on WTC7, I was reminded of what actress Christine Ebersole said five years ago on the fifth anniversary of 9/11: "Truth is authority; authority is not truth".

All the debunkers have ever really had is the appeal to authority, but now they don't even have that - since the authority is now on our side. So many credible experts are featured in the fifteen minute video above. Debunkers and skeptics like to lump us in with moon landing deniers, holocaust deniers, creationists and people who believe elvis is still alive on mars or something, but I very much doubt you'll find a documentary made by any of those groups featuring as many professionals as this.

Will they ever acknowledge that 9/11 truth is much more credible than, at the very least, the fringe crap they lump us in with? Or will we forever be chasing a moving goalpost?

We have the authority now, but unlike the debunkers and skeptics we don't need to blindly appeal to it, because we also have the evidence.