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San Diego's 10news Covers - 8/19/2011

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Richard Clarke confirms what is the main point in Kevin Fenton's new book Disconnecting the Dots where he makes the point that elements in the CIA deliberately withheld information from the FBI, among others, that two known Al Qaeda operatives were in the United States and were known associates of the USS Cole bombers that the FBI were actively investigating...

Rather than focusing on the fact that has been confirmed by Mr Clarke that the CIA protected Al Qaeda operatives while in the U.S., the Screw Loose Change blog, instead focus on his theory.


"But there is plenty of reason to doubt it. For one thing, Clarke himself admits that it's only a theory:"

Yes, and I also have my doubts about this theory. Because "this theory" is actually a "best case" scenario based on the belief that the head of CIA (George Tenet) didn't tell the President about these operatives being in the country. An alternative theory is that Tenet was following orders and protecting these hijackers from the FBI...

These are facts. These were known Al Qaeda terrorists and they were protected by CIA by not sharing this information. - James Dorman AKA jimd3100, Debunking the Debunkers blog
CPT12 9/11: Press For Truth Commentary - 8/11/2011 The following are the "in-between" clips that were shown during CPT12's presentation of 9/11: Press For Truth. The filmmakers Ray Nowosielski and John Duffy took questions on their new project concerning "Footnote 44" of the 9/11 Report, and also debuted an explosive interview with former Counterterrorism Czar Richard Clarke. Paul Thompson, the creator of the Complete 9/11 Timeline also took part in questions and answers.

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