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9/11 Attacks Ten Years Later - Be a Part of History on September 11, 2011

Posted by John-Michael P. Talboo

9/11 "debunker" Ryan Owens has declared that the 9/11 truth movement is dead. Please join blog contributor Adam Taylor and myself in New York City this upcoming September 11th and help prove that he is dead wrong.

Immortal Technique - What A Patriot Does

Please share this video far and wide. Comment, hit the like button, and please subscribe. Be a part of history on September 11, 2011. Come to New York City and stand with us. It's time to unite in the streets and demand a new investigation.

9/11, Ten Years

We Are
August 7, 2011

Questions, questions, questions that still after ten years is unanswered. This is a problem, that people are still unaware of. To paraphrase what Dan Dicks from Press For Truth, an alternative media group based in Toronto said in one of his films; in order for change to come, people must first realize there is a problem.

The ten-year anniversary for 9/11 is coming up soon. I am sure everyone is wondering what are the plans. They will form in time as in previous years, but here are some important points. The anniversary is on Sunday, leaving Saturday to travel, so if you could not get time off, you could still make it. Next year 9/11 falls on a Tuesday. That’s why I feel it is so important to show our numbers for Sunday in whatever is planned. This is the tenth-year anniversary, if we don’t do it now it may not be done on the eleventh, twelfth, or thirteenth anniversary. Since it is on a Sunday, I would highly recommend things be very peaceful, and simple.

So let’s show people there is a problem with unanswered questions, by strength, in our numbers at Ground Zero on Sunday.

Come to NYC for the tenth-year anniversary, I would love to get the best photographs ever!

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