Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Message of Peace and a Pledge of Tolerance

Earlier today I received this email:

Hello John

In memory of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, I would like to offer you and your readers of Debunking The Debunkers a message of peace in a short video and a pledge of tolerance.

If you are able to post or tweet about the video and the pledge, please let me know. I am here if you have any questions.

Thank you so much,

Elizabeth Potter
Unity Productions Foundation
Thanks for passing along the message Ms. Potter, you have our support.

As I wrote after a debate with a member of former NYC Mayor Giuliani's Economic Development Committee, Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance and the Budget, Andrew G. Benjamin, late last year:

While I was searching around for more info on Mr. Benjamin I found that he had posted two comments supportive of the website islam-watch.org using the email he contacted me from. The website features a permanent picture of the Twin Towers being hit on 9/11 in the right-hand corner and claims that Islam has a "hateful and violent core." So, Islam's violent nature is responsible for 9/11.

Never mind that extensive polling data indicates that the majority of the more than one billion Muslims in the world have an opposite interpretation of the Quran. If they didn't they would be a whole lot scarier than peanuts, but they're not! And never mind that according to professor of political science Robert A. Pape, the first complete database of suicide terrorism around the world from 1980 through early 2004 showed that over half the terrorists were secular and over 95% were trying to compel a modern democracy to withdrawal combat forces from their country.

Really never mind numbers often cited concerning how many people Muslims have killed in the last 1,000 years, because not only are they greatly exaggerated, but completely irrelevant.

The pertinent statistics are ones such as these, which estimate that one million plus Muslims have been killed by the U.S. in the past 30 years, many times arguably without justification, which equates to over 100 Muslim fatalities for every American lost, and those numbers do no not take into consideration many things that would make the figures even more heavily slanted. Furthermore, the larger issue at hand is U.S. empire-building.

As the hip-hop group Dead Prez states:

you wanna stop terrorists?
start with the u.s. imperalists
ain't no track record like america's, see
bin laden was trained by the c.i.a
but I guess if you a terrorist for the u.s
then it's okay

Exact transcript of the onscreen text in the Wonderful World segment.

If the warnings hadn't been ignored, if NORAD had done its job, and if the laws of physics weren't broken, not even Osama's CIA training would have led to those 3,000 people being killed.

After sharing this post with Ms. Potter and wishing her good luck in her efforts she replied:

This is excellent! Thank you so much for deciding to share it with your readers and help us spread the word of this video and initiative. I am sure your support will make a difference and we sincerely apprecite the support and good wishes. Have a great week!

Update: A Message of Peace and a Pledge of Tolerance - 9/11/11 and Beyond