Sunday, September 11, 2022

Concerns about the safety of the new round of COVID injections

Dear Activists, Friends, and Family,

(This email is a joint effort by Fran Shure and David Chandler.  We are very concerned and would like you to know why.)

At this time, the US and UK are gearing up for an intensified round in their Covid vaccination campaigns with the introduction of a new bivalent booster.  Beginning in September you will be pressured by the media and the government to get the new booster that contains mRNA that is coded for both the original, obsolete, Wuhan strain and the current, soon to be obsolete, Omicron variant.  You will also be pressured to get young children vaccinated.  There is no scientific or ethical basis for this advice.

The claim that the vaccines are “safe and effective” is propaganda, not supported by the evidence.  This is not common knowledge because information that runs counter to the official narrative is censored, and the doctors and scientists who call this narrative into question do so at the risk of their careers. Only a small minority of physicians have taken this risk, and some have in fact lost their licenses.  

Propaganda is designed to allow only one narrative; censorship and intimidation are tools to achieve that goal.  To get beyond the propaganda and become truly informed you must go to sources that defy the censorship.  Fully qualified doctors and scientists have sometimes had to publish through non-traditional channels because the mainstream journals and medical associations have been co-opted into the censorship.  If you rely solely on the reputation of mainstream sources for your information, you are not being adequately informed.

For example,

  • Are you aware of the research that shows that those who are most vaccinated are those who have been getting the most Covid, along with other respiratory diseases?  Dr.Harvey Risch, Yale emeritus professor of epidemiology warned of this fact in a recent interview:

    The vaccines have done damage to the immune system such that it makes people more likely to get COVID—over a longer term, ... more likely to get COVID infections, more likely to get other respiratory infections... One sees that the benefit of the vaccine turns negative. It’s because the immune system is still making antibodies for the original strain, which aren’t neutralizing the new strains. Therefore, the new strains are protected from the immune system trying to make new antibodies for the new strains."

    [In the UK] “They compared people who had been triple vaccinated, who had a booster, with people who were completely unvaccinated, by age group. What they showed is, for above age 18 in every age group, the rates of symptomatic infection in each age group were approximately threefold higher in the vaccinated people than the unvaccinated people.…

    Also, “These vaccines were not shown to have efficacy in the six-month to five-year-old children, or the five-year-olds to twelve-year-olds, for that matter.

    [Regarding the upcoming bivalent vaccine:]  “By the time they become available, they will already be out-of-date.... now it’s BA.5.2, which is overtaking BA.5. It’s like you blink and there’s a new strain out.

  • Other research backs up the claim that the most vaccinated people are getting the most Covid infections: Rate of SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection During an Omicron Wave in Iceland.

  • As for safety, are you aware that infertility and miscarriage rates have skyrocketed since vaccinations started in 2021? Here are the statistics on live births in Germany since 2016.   Note the precipitous drop in birth rate in the first three months of 2022 in light of the onset of vaccinations 9 months prior.


  • Dr. Pierre Kory, in his Substack, examines the high miscarriage rate among women who became pregnant during the Pfizer safety study, data that Pfizer hid from public view and released only by court order. These are very troubling results that Pfizer knew ahead of time, and did not voluntarily disclose. This should be considered criminal behavior.
  • None of the vaccines were explicitly tested for safety of pregnant women or their fetuses. In fact, women known to be pregnant were officially excluded from even the brief vaccine safety trials, so claims of safety, and overt promotion of the vaccines to women of child-bearing age, have no basis in science. Dr. Kory writes: per long standing regulatory standard, "When a new medicine or device is introduced, you must first assume any adverse effects or deaths reported to be related to the intervention until proven otherwise. [Therefore] We must assume the vaccines are impacting fertility unless some other provable or credible explanations for a sudden drop in month to month birth rates."
  • The FDA’s and CDC's own early warning system is called VAERS: Vaccine Adverse Events Recording System (Open VAERS is a graphical front-end to the database making it easier to extract meaningful statistics). The number of reported adverse events is astoundingly high, yet VAERS data is notoriously under reported. Studies indicate an under-reporting factor (URF) of anywhere from 10 to 100. This graph compares the number of reported adverse events for the Covid vaccines with reports for all other vaccines in recent decades.


  •  The claim that the VAERS data represents coincidence, not causation, is not supported by credible evidence. There is a very close temporal association between the deaths reported in VAERS and the occurrence of the injections, most within days (as shown in the chart below). Dr. Jessica Rose has shown that all of the Bradford Hill criteria for determining causation have been satisfied. Furthermore, no alternative explanation for the unprecedented number of adverse events has been proposed, not to mention proven. The official mantra continues to be “safe and effective” despite the evidence to the contrary.

  • Data on all-cause mortality and morbidity, from insurance companiesfuneral homes, and other sources, show that for 2021, on the heels of the vaccine rollout, too many young people are dying, too many young people are getting myocarditis and other heart complications, and too many are becoming disabled. (This is “too many” in the statistical sense, i.e.  more than should be expected.)   Focusing on all-cause mortality avoids the bias potential introduced by the judgment call of categorizing the cause of death.  The reasoning is that if deaths due to a particular cause go up, the overall death rate should reflect this increase.  According to the CEO of One America life insurance company, “We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business – not just at OneAmerica, … The data is consistent across every player in that business.”  This is a world-wide effect.
  • Even mainstream media has acknowledged the emergence of a new phenomenon, SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) arising in 2021, as we see athletespilotsdoctors, and random people on the street, seemingly healthy, then dropping dead on the spot. The major social media will censor, de-monitize, or de-platform podcasters who suggest this phenomenon is caused by the vaccines. Certainly not every case is due to the vaccines, but the Covid vaccines remain the elephant in the room. Mark Crispin Miller has begun an ongoing memorial on his substack to those who have died suddenly.

  • It should be a no-brainer to NOT give your babies and children these vaccines. Their risk of adverse effects due to Covid is essentially nil, and the ability of the vaccines to prevent transmission from children to others is also essentially nil, so justification based on keeping older people safe is not well founded. The risks, however, are real. The ratio of potential harm from the vaccines compared to harm from Covid, for children, is huge. Furthermore, children expect to have long lives ahead of them and the long-term consequences of the vaccines are untested and unknown.