Tuesday, September 27, 2022



So we all can breathe a sigh of relief as the 24th came and went and since most people were nowhere near a newscast that wasn’t talking about January 6th, Mara Lago, or Trump — you may have blinked and not realized that even though Armageddon did not come all at once — there were a lot of Armageddon-like things happened that need to be addressed.

It is difficult to absorb the evidential truth and changing minds accordingly would be a struggle because of 6 years of priming. People in general no longer know up from down—as they blindly navigate the bizarre-o streets of the twilight zone still bitching about  2016 and the loss of Hillary Clinton to the evil orange Hitler with a comb-over.

There is not much more than their senses pick up as automatically, as it used to be, or identified accurately.

Instead, the identification can be easily confused.  It would be easy to just yuck it up as a conspiracy theory and an overreactive imagination.  Well, that may be partially correct – but I often wonder what is expected when dates get thrown around– I assume that people expect us all to be dead and buried under nuclear charcoal.

Or that a huge asteroid is coming into view, and that when it hits we will be swallowed up by mud and fire.

We have been bombarded by apocalyptic movies for decades that only the simplest of minds requires a Hollywood version of everything,

If the reality is less exciting then there will be no reason to prepare and no reason to contemplate how madmen have hijacked this planet.

Nothing is real. Our senses can’t tell us a thing we can trust anymore.

Certainly, we can no longer believe anything we see on the screen or on the internet, CGI has taken over digitally, and synthetically, painting nearly every scene in a film. Even the actors may be fake. How many UFO videos online are faked? How many shootings are faked? How many people call everything a false flag –  because things are getting too Armageddon like.

Anymore I see that many people think that everything else is fake; nothing is to be believed at face value. Anything our senses are asked to evaluate as evidence is rejected as such, like in a magic show.

Nothing can be trusted anymore until some certain type of authority says it can be. There’s the catch.

You need to have a mainstream news stooge tell you that something happened on September 24th in order for you to accept it. If you ignore it or don’t see it you can pretend it is not there.

As per dozens of articles you may read, every website you visit, every news feed you absorb it is the great skill of the “powers that be” at the head of all this psychological manipulation. And it makes things easier that the masses fall for it all, hook, line, and sinker– it makes it easier to dismiss as well.. it is easy to point fingers at the foolish — even though predictions are not always accurate or to the nth degree.

If you have nearly no system of determining reality (your senses and common sense), and have never been taught to critically think so you can ascertain the truth with a blindfold on, then you are going to be looking for someone to whisper in your ear to describe what it is you are looking at but cannot see.

Some of us at least. Not all.

So maybe you are a little disappointed that the world didn’t end on the 24th. That of course has not slowed down the option of pushing forward with Armageddon or making the world more Armageddon like.

The 24th came and went and many people I am sure were not satisfied with what did happen. I don’t know what people expected but as I said the biggest guarantee that nothing is going to happen is to give it an exact date. That is why I always like to look at windows of opportunity where a potential event could happen.

The way things feel I think it is super close. After all we need that October surprise before the midterms.

With people dropping left and right, diseases and cancer on the rise, excess deaths, heart issues, clotting, and people inexplicably getting sick –leaving scientists baffled you have to admit that this is a bit Armageddon like.

On the 24th of September, it was reported that scientists discovered a new, COVID-like virus called Khosta-2 originating from a Russian bat. It is believed to be capable of infecting humans and would be resistant to current vaccines.

Khosta-2 can be found in Horseshoe bats. They carry what is known as sarbecoviruses — part of the coronavirus family — are rife across Asia and eastern Europe.

In the latest research, virologists have found spike proteins from Khosta-2 can infect human cells. It is resistant to both the monoclonal antibodies and serum from individuals vaccinated against COVID-19.

Both Khosta-2 and SARS- CoV-2 belong to the same sub-category of coronaviruses known as sarbecoviruses. The study highlights the need to develop universal vaccines to protect against sarbecoviruses in general, rather than just against known variants of SARS-CoV-2.

Scientists are reporting that animals all over Europe and Asia are coming down with it — if it spreads to humans it would pose a threat to global health and ongoing vaccine campaigns against SARS-CoV-2.

So far there is no vaccine and you can bet it is just waiting to be used as a chemical weapon as the Russians start acting all Armageddon like by threatening Europe and the United States with Chemical and Nuclear attacks.

Yes even though the world didn’t end on September 24th — things just got a little more Armageddon like.

I wonder if this counts as a direct hit– or an almost there kind of thing.

Because I know that in this Apocalypse we are living in everything is black and white, truth and lies, life and death. And people are insanely sticking to their own narrative, which is just a reflection of the mainstream narrative—like bleating sheep in a storm who won’t go into the barn until lightning strikes

the mainstream narrative has been relentless in ignoring the fact that they kept telling us that President Trump was going to push us to the brink of World War III and now President Biden has achieved this we are reminded of January 6th, and MAGA terrorists.

The media just loves to push this into the hearts and souls (and heads) of those who are susceptible to such brainwashing.

But the mainstream media is avoiding what the global media is saying.

On September 24th, the world media came just short of saying that Russia has declared World War III.

Starting with the Russian State media it was reported over the weekend that nuclear war appears to be “a given” and “everyone will be destroyed” if the West “pushes Russia into a corner”.

Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev said that strategic nuclear weapons can be used to defend “the Donbass republics and other territories accepted into Russia” and warned the “retired idiots with general’s stripes” at NATO that hypersonic missiles can “reach targets in Europe and in the United States.”

Medevev says that the Russian authorities have decided to incorporate the republics of Donbass and “other territories” into the country. The new regions will be protected with the help of those mobilized.

Russia can use any weapon, “including strategic ones,” so “no need to intimidate Moscow.”

Moscow replaced its top logistics general on Saturday after a series of setbacks as Kremlin-held regions of eastern and southern Ukraine voted for a second day on becoming part of Russia.

The voting on whether Russia should annex four regions of Ukraine started on Friday, dramatically raising the stakes seven months after Moscow’s troops invaded.

US President Joe Biden has dismissed the referendums as a “sham… a false pretext to try to annex parts of Ukraine by force in flagrant violation of international law”.

Russia’s invasion and recent gains by the Ukrainian army in a lightening counter-offensive have laid bare important logistical flaws with some analysts seeing logistics as the weak link in Moscow’s army.

Lest you think otherwise September 24th felt a little Armageddon like –as Russia is taking the special military operation and turning it into open war. The partial mobilization of Russia’s army reserves to add a total of 300,000 men to the military campaign in Ukraine has been widely reported in the Western press.

It is a foregone conclusion that the Donbas republics and other territories of Ukraine now under Russian occupation will vote to join the Russian Federation.

In the case of Donetsk and Lugansk, it was only under pressure from Moscow that their 2014 referendums were about declaring sovereignty and not about becoming part of Russia. Such annexation or merger was not welcomed by the Kremlin back then because Russia was not ready to face the expected massive economic, political and military attack from the West which would have followed.

Today, Moscow is more than ready: indeed it has survived very well all the economic sanctions imposed by the West from even before  February 24th as well as the ever growing supply to Ukraine of military material and ‘advisers’ from the NATO countries.

The vote over joining Russia will likely hit 90% or more in favor. What will immediately follow on the Russian side is also perfectly clear: within hours of the declaration of referendum results, the Russian State Duma will pass a bill on ‘reunification’ of these territories with Russia and within a day or so, it will be approved by the upper chamber of parliament and immediately thereafter the bill will be signed into law by President Putin.

What follows from the formal merger of these territories with Russia?

That is also perfectly clear. As integral parts of Russia, any attack on them, and there certainly will be such attacks coming from the Ukrainian armed forces, most definitely provoke an even greater open war. But even before that, the referendums have been preceded by the announcement of mobilization, which points directly to what Russia will do further if developments on the field of battle so require.

Russia is ready for World War III — and we are ready to sue President Trump and his family.

How nice is this?

Are we that arrogant or are we ignorant to how Armageddon like things are getting? Progressive phases of mobilization will be justified to the Russian public as necessary to defend the borders of the Russian Federation from attack by NATO.

The merger of the Russia-occupied Ukrainian territories with the Russian Federation will mark the end of the ‘special military operation.’

Adding another 300,000 men at arms to the force deployed by Russia in Ukraine represents a near doubling and surely will address the shortages of infantry numbers that have limited Russia’s ability to ‘conquer’ Ukraine.

Confusion over who would be called up has led to an exodus of young men out of Russia, with long lines forming at Russia’s borders and air tickets out of the country hard to come by.

Demonstrations against the draft effort earlier in the week led to more than 1,300 arrests, according to rights groups. So far, demonstrations in Moscow appeared to be mostly attended by young Russian women — after protests earlier this week saw detained young men served draft papers while in police custody.

Russia has explicitly stated that any aggression against its own security and territorial integrity, such as has been raised by generals in retirement in the USA speaking to national television in the past several weeks about Russia’s break-up, will be met by a nuclear response. When Russia’s nuclear threat is directed at Washington, as is now the case, rather than at Kiev or Brussels, the supposition till now, it is unlikely that policymakers on Capitol Hill will long remain cavalier about Russian military capabilities and pursue further escalation.

Again will anybody comment on how Armageddon like things have become and how the President that was supposed to lead us further away from nuclear war is pushing us closer to it?

France is now concerned and has developed a plan or at least has commented on the Nuclear strategy Russia might employ.

Analysts say Moscow would likely deploy one or more “tactical” or battlefield nuclear bombs. These are small weapons, ranging from 0.3 kilotons to 100 kilotons of explosive power, compared to the 1.2 megatons of the largest US strategic warhead or the 58 megaton bomb Russia tested in 1961.

Tactical bombs are designed to have a limited impact on the battlefield, compared to strategic nuclear weapons which are designed to fight and win all-out wars.

But “small” and “limited” are relative: The atomic bomb the US dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 to devastating effect was just 15 kilotons.

What would Moscow target?

Analysts say Russia’s goal in using a tactical nuclear bomb in Ukraine would be to frighten it into surrender or submission to negotiations and to divide the country’s Western backers.

Russia would not likely use nuclear weapons on the front lines. Capturing 20 miles of territory could require 20 small nuclear bombs — small gains for the huge risks of introducing nuclear weapons and nuclear fallout.

Soon after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech announcing partial mobilization of national forces for the operation in Ukraine, which included a hint of willingness to resort to the nuclear defense of Russia’s territorial integrity, Navy Admiral Charles A. Richard – who currently serves as the US Strategic Command chief – confirmed that the Pentagon is taking the Russian nuclear threat seriously.

Remember the dead don’t talk about media narratives that have failed. Those who are aware of all of the world’s moves can see that things are becoming more Armageddon like.

In another peculiar event that took place Saturday. eagle-eyed believers in UFOs happened across a peculiar change on the website for the National Intelligence Manager for Aviation. The office, which reports to the Director of National Intelligence updated its logo to include the image of a classic saucer-shaped UFO.

While other common crafts are included in the logo, including a commercial jet, a fighter jet, a stealth bomber, and a satellite, the logo also includes the standard—most well-known, if you will—the shape of a UFO: the flying saucer.

This August, peculiar wording was included in an intelligence budget report suggesting some UFOs weren’t man-made. The phrasing instructed officials to focus their attention on spotted unidentified aircraft that were confirmed to be not be made by known sources.

“Temporary no attributed objects, or those that are positively identified as man-made after analysis, will be passed to appropriate offices and should not be considered under the definition as unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena,” the report said.

After the report surfaced, a former Department of Defense staffer wrote in an op-ed that the verbiage suggests officials know there are some UAP not of this planet.

But what is most curious and quite Armageddon like is that now NASA is cow conducting target practice on an asteroid that isn’t even a threat to us.

NASA is about to slam a spacecraft into an asteroid, obliterating the probe and nudging the space rock.

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) is aiming for an asteroid called Dimorphos, which is orbiting a giant asteroid called Didymos. By crashing into it, NASA hopes to push the smaller space rock into a new orbit closer to its parent asteroid. The impact is practice for deflecting dangerous asteroids away from our planet.

Dimorphos is 535 feet wide — big enough to obliterate a city like New York. That’s no cause for concern, since it isn’t on an Earth-bound trajectory, and DART won’t change its path through the solar system. But that makes it perfect practice for one of the biggest threats in our cosmic neighborhood: city-killer asteroids, clocking in at 460 feet or larger.

Having a tried-and-true deflection method won’t help protect Earth from asteroids if nobody sees them coming, though. Experts previously told Insider that NASA would need five to 10 years to build and launch a customized mission to deflect an incoming asteroid.

To date, scientists have only identified 40% of city-killer asteroids orbiting near Earth, NASA estimates. Nobody knows where the rest of them are, or where they’re going. But here is the kicker, while we have funneled a lot of our money into the war effort — The Biden administration has given some money to the Near-Earth Object (NEO) Surveyor program.

NEO Surveyor has made slow progress, though, and it just took another big hit. At the beginning of 2022, the mission got an infusion of $143.2 million to propel it toward launch. But NASA has since rescinded $33 million of that budget for this year.

The project’s budget has been slashed by $100 million for 2023.

This will delay the launch of s telescope that could detect many deadly asteroids that would make everything Armageddon like on earth.

Asteroids have already surprised humans a few times in recent years.

In 2013, a house-sized asteroid screamed into the skies above Chelyabinsk, Russia, and exploded. The blast sent out a shock wave that broke windows, damaged buildings, and injured more than 1,400 people. No one on Earth saw it coming. That same day, a larger asteroid came within 17,000 miles of the planet.

Jim Bridenstine, who served as the Trump administration’s NASA administrator, said in 2019 that the agency’s modeling suggested an event like the Chelyabinsk meteor occurs about every 60 years.

But the Chelyabinsk rock was small — about 50 feet wide. In 2019, a 427-foot, “city-killer” space rock flew within 45,000 miles of Earth, and NASA had almost no warning about that either.

On June 22th, 2019 a small asteroid entered Earth’s atmosphere and exploded in broad daylight south of Puerto Rico. The explosion was picked up on video and was also recorded by the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization’s infrasound station in Bermuda. They pegged the blast energy between 3 and 5 kilotons of TNT–a fraction of a WW II atomic bomb. The explosion was clearly visible in images from NOAA’s GOES-16 weather satellite.

Meteor expert Peter Brown of the University of Western Ontario says the infrasound signal is consistent with a “small multi-meter sized near-Earth asteroid.” According to data compiled by NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies, asteroids of this size and energy hit Earth’s atmosphere about once a year. That means it’s rare–but not exceptionally so.

The asteroid fragmented as it ripped through the atmosphere. This infrared image from the GOES-16 satellite shows the space rock splitting into at least 3 pieces. The asteroid was the size of a refrigerator and was first spotted by telescopes in Hawaii on Saturday, just before it collided with Earth’s atmosphere and burned as a fireball.

The space rock, officially named 2019 MO, never had a chance of making it to the ground or doing much damage, as it was only about a tenth the size of the bolide that exploded in the atmosphere over Russia in 2013.

What’s most interesting about 2019 MO, though, is the fact that it was spotted by telescopes right before it exploded. That’s only happened four times in history, according to Italian amateur astronomer Ernesto Guido.

The other three times all happened in the last 12 years, including asteroid 2018 LA that made it all the way to the ground in Africa.

Then in 2020, an asteroid the size of a car passed closer to Earth than any known space rock had ever come without crashing. It missed our planet by about 1,830 miles. Astronomers didn’t know the asteroid existed until about six hours after it whizzed by. Nobody saw it coming, because it was approaching from the direction of the sun.

Telescopes on the ground can only observe the sky at night, which means they miss almost everything that flies at us from the sun. NEO Surveyor, from its perch in Earth’s orbit, would be able to spot such space rocks. Since it would use infrared light, it could also spot asteroids that are too dark for Earth-based telescopes.

If the DART impact is a success, NASA will be better equipped to divert any Earth-bound asteroid NEO Surveyor might discover.

Even with the budgets being cut for NEO research, a lot of the budgets have been diverted for a war footing that can lead to our destruction and to Climate Change — which is being exchanged under the radar for geoengineering projects that could destroy or disrupt the fragile jet stream and the Polar Ice caps.

Over the weekend, Scientists presented a controversial plan whereby high-flying jets similar to a modified American KC-135R could spray microscopic aerosol particles into the atmosphere to refreeze the North and South Poles. The recently published research in IOP’s Environmental Research Communications suggests that the method would be feasible and fairly cheap.

The plan, which falls under a controversial climate intervention technology called Stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), would target only subpolar regions- instead of having a global intervention that most other SIA operations assume, highlights the paper.

The researchers argue that ‘hand-me-down’ (reused) military air-to-air refueling tankers such as the aged KC-135 and the A330 MMRT don’t have enough payload at the required altitudes- even when modified. They, therefore, submit the SAIL-43K as an efficient candidate for the subpolar mission.

A fleet of 125 of these SAIL-43K tankers would release a cloud of microscopic sulfur dioxide particles, which at an altitude of 43,000 feet (13 kilometers) and latitude of 60 degrees north and south- could loft a payload sufficient to cool the regions by two degrees per year. Areas such as Anchorage, southern Alaska, and the southern tip of Patagonia- could return close to their pre-industrial average temperatures.

Upon slowly drifting towards the poles by ferrying on high-altitude winds, the particles would slightly shade the Earth’s surface beneath.

Still, the paper highlights that such an operation would be equivalent to more than two days of global commercial air traffic in 2021, or about two-thirds of the annual flights departing New York’s Kennedy Airport.

The SIA operation would tap into the healthy number of pre-existing commercial airfields in the Northern Hemisphere that could serve as operational bases for a polar SAI operation. Anchorage, for example, has three runways longer than 10,600 feet, and whilst located at 61.2°N latitude—this would be close enough for the purpose.

For the southern hemisphere, it’s a little more complicated. 60 degrees of the south pole touches nowhere on land and is inhabitable. The closest significant airfields are in Chile and Argentina at the southern tip of Patagonia. As sub-optimal bases here may be relative to the 60°S target, the researchers reveal they will have to serve.

Additionally, the paper highlights that the ground infrastructure for any pre-existing base would need to be greatly enhanced to accommodate the program.

None dare call it a massive chemtrail program — and none dare call it Armageddon like –and now one wishes to notice that the powers that be wish to move heaven and earth into a mode of destruction so that they can build back better.

In the span of human history, we have seen many occasions events that have changed the way mankind conducts its affairs. However, we have never lived in those times. Most of us have only read about them and romanticized the events as prophetic, epic, and miraculous to name a few overused adjectives.

History at times can be ruthless about events deemed tragic and during times of victory, can be overzealous about the events. This is all about projected beliefs and faith that these events occurred somewhere out of the blue, beyond the norm, and therefore need to be mentioned and chronicled as life-changing.

We tend to think in terms of cause and effect or A causes B.

We are now in the Twilight Zone where “B” causes “A” and it is useless to overthink or dismiss an open conspiracy about the moves towards following a blueprint for the apocalypse.

We are being told that our days have been numbered. We either hear it from the New Age thinkers who see doomsday in ancient calendars or we are told by politicians and scientists that our days on earth will be cut short because of Earth changes and dire predictions of environmental disaster due to the abuses we have allegedly committed against nature.

Whether it’s a pandemic, nuclear or environmental disaster, apocalypse, and destruction, it fascinates all of us. If science fiction is, as literature of ideas that may transpire in the future, then apocalyptic science fiction is the literature of how ideas go wrong — an exploration of all of our bad possible futures, and what might happen after.

Natural and human disasters, global acts of political, economic, religious, and military terrorism, domestic violence, and the rumors of war are not only triggering post-traumatic stress, but it is producing some parapsychological effects on the populace – virtually no research has been done in parapsychology on the effects of traumatic experiences on peoples’ lives and how it affects perceptions of religious faith, precognitive dreams of an apocalyptic future, mental manifestations and geological effects on the planet.

So buck up — if you are a little disappointed that September 24th didn’t have the right amount of Armageddon to satisfy you just think there is more doom on the calendar as we can see that the powers that be are already preparing for the worst.

The current paradigm looks like it might be being readied for a controlled demolition like so much else.