Sunday, September 11, 2022

9/11/22 Alex Jones Has the Documents to Prove It... 9/11 Was An Inside Job!

Alex Jones interviews Congressman Walter Jones on the secret 28 pages of 9/11 documents

This powerful video from investigator James Corbett explains the "official story" of the 9/11 attacks in way that any reasonable person will think it was a total Inside Job.

FALSE FLAGS: From 9/11 To The Great Reset! - 21 Years Of Social CONDITIONING & Terror!

Jimmy Dore Defends Alex Jones
Alex Jones in the News Again for Sandy Hook Lawsuits - What Exactly Did He Say FOR REAL NO SPIN - Jones Has Been Targeted for What He Gets Right Not Something He May Have Got Wrong:

Joe Rogan is right about Alex Jones being right about a lot and more than he knows...